Big birthday energy is taking over thortful this September

If you hadn’t already realised by the sheer number of cards and gifts you end up having to buy around this time, there’s a whole load of birthdays between September and early October. 

In fact, of the 10 most popular birth dates, 8 are in September with the other 2 landing in early October.* Who knew Christmas was so sexy? 

We’ve actually done our own research into Christmas sex in the past and discovered that an average of 15,000 children are conceived due to the jolly season.

As there’s so many birthdays flying about, it’s possible that anyone born during this time might end up feeling like they have to share the spotlight. Now, this doesn’t seem fair to us, and we believe everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday as the main character they are.

This is where the team at thortful step in! This September we’re bringing some of that BIG birthday energy. We’re actually taking over a public space near Tower Bridge for the day to celebrate some of our brilliant customers’ birthdays – let’s just say we’re going to make a real song about them.

Big birthday energy means a big song and dance

Here at thortful, our goal is to help you make someone feel extra special on their big day. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or not, everyone deserves to be showered with love and attention.

Basically, we like to think of ourselves as the nation’s unofficial birthday cheerleaders and have whatever you need to celebrate anyone’s birthday – be it cards, gifts, or even birthday wishes inspiration.  

But we’re not going to stop there, oh no! Because, after all, they do say go big or go home.

That’s why for our big birthday energy campaign, we’re throwing a few lucky people a big (and we mean big) birthday song and dance in the only way we know how. 

How is our big birthday song and dance going to work?

We all know that there are only so many things you can do to celebrate someone’s big day. This got us thinking, why not make a literal song and dance about someone’s birthday? 

We’re talking about a big banner, a big band, dancers, music, and more.

We’ll be setting up camp at a famous landmark in London – Potters Field Park by Tower Bridge, to be precise – on Thursday 21st of September. 

To find the wonderful people we’ll be celebrating, thortful customers were asked to nominate a friend or family member. From there, we randomly selected six surprise guests who will be joining us for a massive celebration of them.

On arrival, the marching band will appear out of nowhere and instantly start playing birthday jingles. Around this time, our giant screen will also go live displaying personal messages and photos. 

Ribbon dancers and a perky team of well-wishers will follow closely behind. Then, to round things off, we’ll be giving each guest a big card, bottle of champagne, and gift voucher.

Ultimately, the aim is for London to realise just how wonderful this person is and come together in order to celebrate their birthday. A whole crowd singing happy birthday to you at your very own birthday song and dance, we don’t think you can get much bigger than that.