Best 10 year anniversary gifts and cards

Ten years of marriage is a big achievement – your marriage is approaching its tweens, and has lasted longer than both the Beatles and the original series of Star Trek. Mark the occasion of officially outlasting Kim and Kanye with a thoughtful 10 year wedding anniversary gift!

What is the traditional ten year anniversary material?

The 10 year wedding anniversary is marked by the traditional gift of tin or aluminium. Tin represents strength and durability, and even though it sounds more like a can of Heinz than an inspiring material for a present that will impress, you might just be surprised. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for tin wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse, or for a special couple who’s just hit the big 1-0, then we’ve got you covered with our guide to some thoughtful 10th wedding anniversary gifts.

10 year anniversary gift for him

Keep it classic for your 10 year wedding anniversary with these gift ideas for him. It can be hard to know what to buy for your husband in any given year, let alone after a full decade of marriage, so let us help with these suggestions for a 10 year anniversary gift for him.

Watch and cufflink accessory box

Image source: John Lewis

If your husband enjoys the finer things in life, make sure his timepieces and cufflinks are organised in style with this smart cufflink and watch box, with a luxe velvet lining and vegan leather exterior. If you’ve bought him luxury watches and cufflinks for birthdays and anniversaries, your 10 year wedding anniversary is the perfect chance to make sure they’re taken care of.

Aston Martin driving experience

Image source: Find Me A Gift

Okay, so the sleek silver metal of a classic Aston Martin might not exactly qualify for the tin part of ‘tin wedding anniversary’, but once you present your husband with this gift experience offering a triple drive of 3 classic Bond cars, his inner 007 will be too excited to care. That’s why this is a perfect yet unique 10 year anniversary gift for husbands!

Beer subscription

One idea that is bound to be a great 10 year anniversary gift for all husbands is beer. (Yes, we’re counting this as a tin anniversary gift since beer cans are made from aluminium.)

But of course, this is ten whole years we’re talking about, so you can’t just get him a pack of Estrella or whatever. Instead, try sorting out a fancy beer subscription for him. The best part about this gift is that it can be long-term as he’ll receive a new bundle of beer to try on the regular, it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Image source: Pexels

10 year anniversary gifts for her

Tradition states that tin was traditionally used to store and preserve things, which is why it makes sense that it’s the material used to honour 10 years of marriage! But you can definitely make it a little bit more fancy – show your wife just how much she means to you with a charming 10 year anniversary gift for her that thoughtfully incorporates the theme of tin.

Personalised Veuve Clicquot tin

Image source: Clos19

If your wife loves a glass of ice-cold champagne, get her one of the best around. An iconic bottle of Veuve Clicquot makes for an absolutely perfect present, and with the special arrow tin it’s definitely oh-so suitable for a tin wedding anniversary gift. Surprise her with this special personalised edition from Clos19 for your 10 year wedding anniversary gift for her. Customise it with the name of your town, or maybe the place you got married or your honeymoon destination and really sweep her off her feet!

Anniversary aluminium photo print

Image source: The Drifting Bear

Celebrate your 10 year wedding anniversary with this pretty photo print. Get her favourite photo of your wedding day mounted in this minimalist box frame from The Drifting Bear – and even better, the photo is cleverly printed on aluminium, making this a perfect tin anniversary gift for her.

Afternoon Tea Tin

Image source: Fenwick

We’re sort of taking the whole tin anniversary concept a bit literally now, but if your other half is a big tea drinker then this would make the perfect 10 year anniversary gift for your wife. And if you really want to impress, you can also take her out for a lovely afternoon tea as well – a perfect way to celebrate spending a whole decade together.

10 year anniversary gift for a couple

Getting a gift for a couple can be tricky – it’s got to be something they can enjoy together, and something they’ll actually enjoy or get use out of. But we’ve got your back – whether you’re celebrating the 10 year wedding anniversary of friends, family, parents or siblings, these considerate gifts will be sure to make them smile on their anniversary.

Personalised champagne bucket

Image source: Becky Broome Ltd.

What better way to celebrate a decade than with plenty of bubbles? And what better way to present a few bottles of bubbly to a special couple than in this stunningly stylish champagne bucket, personalised with their married name? Make this 10 year anniversary gift even more special and pick the same champagne that the happy couple drank on the wedding day, or pick up a bottle that has the same vintage as the year they got married.

Personalised metal ampersand sign

Image source: Getting Personal

As 10th wedding anniversary gifts go, you can’t go wrong with this stylish choice.  Again, this might not be exactly the tin or aluminium of traditional tin wedding anniversary gifts, but this smart metal sign is a perfect pick for a special couple. The vintage map design is perfect for couples who love to travel, but you can also choose a pretty floral design that will look great on any wall.

Personalised sound wave art

Image source: ArtsyVoiceprint (Etsy)

If they’re a couple who really do appreciate good art, enjoy visiting museums and potentially even class themselves as aesthetes, then why not get then one of these personalised sound wave artworks?

Printed on brushed aluminium, this definitely passes as a proper tin wedding anniversary gift. Whether you use their first dance song from the wedding or a sweet voice message from them both, this really is a special fifth anniversary gift.

10 year anniversary cards

What would a perfectly considerate present be without a card to match? Here are some of the best 10 year wedding anniversary cards from our brilliant independent card creators here on thortful.

Brilliant cards by  Katie Brookes | FrednTrev. | Louise Tiler | Prairie Chick Prints | The Little Posy Print Company | The Amyverse

Celebrate one of the first big milestones in your marriage with these thoughtful 10 year wedding anniversary gifts. If you’re looking ahead at years to come, then we also have some great gift guides for silver wedding anniversary gifts and ruby anniversary gift ideas. For more great lifestyle guides and inspiration, check out the thortful blog.