The best ruby wedding anniversary gifts

Congratulations! You’ve made it to forty years of marriage, so it’s time to start celebrating your ruby wedding anniversary. While it might not be quite half a century – yet – 40 years together is a long time worth celebrating. The only downside is that with so many years under your belt, you’ve probably given each other so many presents that your well of inspiration has run dry as a bone.

But such an impressive milestone deserves to be marked with a ruby wedding anniversary gift from the heart. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite 40th wedding anniversary gifts for wife, husband, parents, and friends.

As the name suggests, the traditional gifts for reaching this milestone are ruby-themed. And, although you don’t have to stick to the traditional theme, it can provide a good guideline to make deciding what to pick as a ruby wedding anniversary gift that bit easier. Whether you’re purchasing a 40th wedding anniversary gift for your one true love, your parents or your friends, here are our top picks of the very best ruby wedding anniversary gifts.

First and foremost, you need a ruby wedding anniversary card

Whether you need a ruby wedding card for mum and dad, or a romantic wedding anniversary card for your wife or husband, you’ll find hundreds of sweet, silly, funny and tasteful cards right here at thortful.

Just take a peek at the examples below to see what our wonderful creators have come up with:

Now that you’ve got your card to complement ready to complement a present, let’s get onto all of our ideas for ruby wedding anniversary gifts!

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Ruby wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Not sure what to get for the husband who has everything? We’ve all been there – whether it’s his birthday, your anniversary or a thank you, knowing what to buy the man in your life can be a real headache. So, after 40 years of happy marriage, choosing a ruby wedding anniversary gift for him will seem like an almost impossible task. Thankfully, we’ve come up with some thoughtful ruby wedding anniversary gifts for your husband that he’s sure to appreciate.

A gift experience from thortful

For the man who truly does have everything, give the gift of a special memory that he can choose, with an unforgettable gift experience from thortful.

From an adventurous activity like a helicopter ride to something more chilled like enjoying some tasty food and drinks, there are all sorts to choose from. You might even decide to just back in each other’s company, and celebrate 40 joyous years together with a getaway for the two of you.

Whatever he enjoys, there’s sure to be a 40th wedding anniversary gift for your husband in our range of gift experiences. Plus, with an experience ruby wedding anniversary gift for your husband, he might be able to tick something off his bucket list.

Ruby encrusted cufflinks

If he likes to look good and dress smart, then another great ruby wedding anniversary gift for your husband might be a pair of fancy cufflinks – ruby-encrusted, of course. These contemporary T Bar cufflinks from Jian London have been crafted with exquisite attention to detail and are the epitome of understated luxury. The ideal 40th wedding anniversary gift for him, these special ruby cufflinks are a practical yet thoughtful gift that won’t disappoint. And, if you’re fishing for extra points, you could even get the front face engraved with your initials – just to make them extra personal.

Ruby wedding anniversary gifts for wife

Mark this incredible occasion with a truly special gift for your wife that’s as stylish and elegant as she is. Rubies signify nobility, purity, and passion – so make sure your ruby wedding anniversary gift to her is worthy. You only get to celebrate 40 years of marriage once, so it’s important to think long and hard when choosing a ruby wedding gift for your wife. So, go ahead and take a look at our recommendations to get some 40th wedding anniversary gift inspo.

A ruby necklace with a difference

Whilst it might be more on the expensive side, you’re celebrating 40 years of marriage so why not splurge a little bit? The beautiful red of a ruby gemstone is certainly eye-catching, especially on a piece of jewellery like a necklace.

Whether you think she’d prefer a flashy stone to show off or several smaller stones that are more subtle, you can choose the style of necklace that suits your wife’s personal sense of style. Combining traditional sentimentality with a contemporary touch, this is the perfect ruby anniversary gift for your wife.

A relaxing day at the spa

Okay, so this might not really fit in with the ‘ruby red’ theme in any way, but it’s a spa day is one of those gift ideas that works regardless of the occasion. With options including full beauty treatments and potentially even afternoon tea, you can pick out one that you think will leave her feeling the most relaxed and zen.

Convinced and ready to treat your wife to a spa day? Great news! You can sort out an indulgent spa day for your lovely lady by exploring our range of gift experiences.

Ruby wedding anniversary gifts for parents

Celebrate the love your parents have shared throughout their lives with some incredible ruby wedding anniversary gifts. Buying ruby wedding anniversary gifts for parents can be tricky – after all, most parents would rather you save your hard-earned cash and just get them a card instead. But, if you’re adamant about gifting something to your mum and dad for their 40th year of marriage, then take a look at our suggestions for ruby wedding anniversary gifts for parents below:

A personalised framed print

A personalised print is always a lovely way to celebrate your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. You might even be able to get it with the number of years they’ve been married, the date of their wedding day or even their initials. Adding that personal touch makes this ruby wedding anniversary gift for parents extra special.

A bottle of red wine

Loosely sticking to the ruby theme, if your parents like to indulge in a glass or two, then a bottle of Son of Shiraz red wine from thortful is a great way to add a ruby twist to their 40th wedding anniversary gift.

The perfect tipple for both sunny and colder days thanks to its combination of juicy bramble fruits and smokey spice, this ruby wedding anniversary gift won’t only be popular among wine fans but incorporates the ruby theme nicely.

40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples

Finding ruby wedding anniversary gifts for couples can be a difficult task and you might genuinely have no clue what they’d want. It’s also likely that you might know one-half of the couple better, but you still want to get them a ruby wedding anniversary gift that they’ll both love and cherish.

But that’s no mean feat. They likely have different interests, tastes, and ideas of what a ‘good gift’ entails, so what could you possibly get a couple for their 40th wedding anniversary? Here are some 40th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples that are memorable and should please both of the married pair.

A little taste of the wedding day

A great ruby wedding anniversary gift idea for couples that is sure to tug on both of their heartstrings – a time capsule of their wedding day. Remind the happy couple of the happiest day of their lives with a little time capsule of their wedding day. You could include things like a luxurious bottle of the champagne they had, a newspaper from the date in question and maybe even some photos from the day. What better way to commemorate 40 years of marriage than by remembering the day that started it all?

A fresh bouquet of red flowers

There’s a reason why a fresh bouquet of flowers is one of those classic anniversary gifts and you can even fit it in perfectly with ruby theme for someone’s 40th wedding anniversary. Just take a look at the bouquet in our gift range called ‘The Passion’ which features some striking and gorgeous ruby red flowers.

Whether it’s for your grandparents, dear friends, or another loved one, you truly can’t go wrong with a fresh bouquet of flowers. What’s more, red flowers are actually said to symbolise romance, desire, and passion making them even more fitting for commemorating a 40th wedding anniversary.

As you might have guessed, we’re all about celebrating special occasions here at thortful. Whether you’re interested in more gift ideas or suggestions on what to write in a card, you’ll find loads more articles like this over on the thortful blog.