Adult party bag ideas to impress your grown-up guests

Deciding what to do on your birthday as an adult can be hard but you truly can’t go wrong with a party surrounded by all your loved ones. But maybe you’re looking for a way to bring back the magic that comes with children’s birthday parties?

Well, we’re sure you’ll all agree that the best part about going to a birthday party as a kid was receiving the goody bag that you get to take home! Remind us again why we stop doing that once we get older?

Well, whatever the reason, we say it’s time to bring it back for good! Of course, as an adult you might now have lots of party bag ideas for children but what about things that the grown-ups might like?

If you’re wondering what to put in party bags for adults, then you’ve managed to land on the right page. From foodie party favours to inexpensive bits and bobs, just keep on reading to discover all of our adult party bag ideas.

Foodie adult party favours

Food really does soothe the soul and would be very quick and easy to pull together into party bags. Whether you do some baking and cooking yourself or pick things up from a supermarket at the last minute, that’s up to you.

To get you started, here are a couple of foodie party bag fillers for adults:

  • Slice of cake – A party bag staple, even for adults, no one is going to be upset at getting a nice chunk of cake in their goody bag. You’ll just need to make the hard decision between an elegant Victoria sponge or a luxurious chocolate cake.
  • Favourite retro sweets – From rainbow drops to millions, adding a few of your favourite retro sweets into party bags is bound to bring a smile to people’s faces as they think of some childhood memories.
  • Big bag of crisps – Not everybody has a sweet tooth, and a big bag of crisps is a great way to cater to those who’d rather snack on something savoury.

Whatever you end up choosing, remember to package all of your foodie adult party favours carefully so that nothing gets squished or ruined.

Inexpensive party favours for adults

Depending on how many people you’ve sent birthday invitations to, you might be after cheaper options to keep costs down. If that is the case, these inexpensive adult party favours might be just the type of thing you’re after:

  • Quirky bottle opener – Once you hit the legal drinking age, a bottle opener will come in handy. Luckily, bottle openers aren’t hard to find, and you’ll be able to easily get a quirky one that stands out. After all, you can never know when the moment is going to arise that you’re going to need to crack open a bottle of something.
  • Socks – If we’re being frank, socks are definitely a gift that you get when you’re unsure what else to pick up – that’s what makes them so ideal in an adult party bag.
  • Coaster – Avoid any unfortunate surface marks and include a coaster in your adult party bags. Whilst it might be a surprising choice, we’re sure no adult will complain about receiving something so handy.

Sporty adult goody bag ideas

Does your party have a bit of a sports theme going with your birthday party? Well, it only makes sense to continue that trend with some appropriate sporty adult goody bag ideas. Plus, these adult party favours might also come in handy if you’ve got any sporty party games planned!

Here are a couple of our sporty adult goody bag ideas:

  • Water bottle – Every good sportsperson needs to stay hydrated which is why a water bottle is such a great option to put in your themed party bags. It’s up to the party guests whether they actually decide to fill them with water or perhaps another beverage of their choice.
  • Sports headband – There’s nothing sportier in appearance than a sports headband so it’s pretty much a must if you’re planning on pulling together sporty goody bags.
  • Stopwatch – Include a stopwatch in your party bag and use it to time how long it takes each person to down their drink or who is the fastest runner. You can’t deny that a stopwatch makes timing things much more exciting. Of course, you can always use a stopwatch function on your phone nowadays but where’s the fun in that?

Unique party favours for adults

Maybe you want to avoid typical ideas and include things in your goody bags that party guests would never expect? Well, if that’s the case, here are a few unique party favours for adults that you might want to consider:

  • Hangover kit The main difference between adult and children parties is the involvement of alcohol. So, if you know that you’re likely going to have a wild night, it might be wise to give everyone a little hangover kit. This could include a pack of tea or coffee, breath mints, and anything else you think might help them the next morning.
  • Pack of seeds – Give the gift of fresh flowers and the joy of growing them by adding a pack of seeds to your goody bags.
  • Adult colouring book – Why not really lean into the child-related things that we all miss as adults? One idea that falls into this is an adult colouring book which you can quite easily get a hold of for less than £5.

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