What to write in a 10th anniversary card

25 sweet 10 year anniversary wishes to celebrate a decade together

Spending a decade together as Mr. and Mrs. is certainly a milestone and the prime opportunity to give a worthwhile to your lifelong partner in crime. Although if you’ve been finding it hard enough to pick out the perfect anniversary card, we’re here to help you finish the job with a range of 10th wedding anniversary wishes. We’ve even got some message ideas specifically for friends and family who may be celebrating a decade of their union too!

Don’t forget that the traditional present for a 10th wedding anniversary is tin and we’ve got an entire blog on the best 10 year anniversary gifts if you want to make the day extra special.

Sweet 10-year anniversary messages

If you’re not quite sure on where to start with what to write in a 10th anniversary card, we’re practically pros in this department and are more than happy to help. Here are some of our sweet 10-year anniversary messages that work each and every time:

  1. At this point I don’t know what I’d do without you, here’s to another 10 years happily married!
  2. It only feels like yesterday that we celebrated the best day of our lives. Happy 10th anniversary!
  3. Happy 10th anniversary to us, we really have come a long way from the awkward conversations on our first date.
  4. 10 years of being by each other’s side for better or worse, happy anniversary.
  5. Even 10 years later, I still dream about our wedding day and how beautiful it was.

Funny 10th wedding anniversary messages

After 10 years of just marriage, you’re bound to have endless inside jokes but if you just need somewhere to start these are our funny 10th wedding anniversary messages:

  1. Happy 10th anniversary! If it weren’t for ageing, you wouldn’t even know it had been a whole 10 years since your wedding day.
  2. I’ve done the maths and it’s been 3650 or 5.256 million minutes since we both said ‘I do’, look at us go.
  3. Well done to us for managing to spend 10 years together and still looking deeply in love. Happy 10th anniversary darling!
  4. Do you know what 10 years of marriage means? We both won the bet with our mates that we’d actually stay married for more than a year.
  5. It’s hard being the best wife/husband in the world, but it’s a role I’m proud to have taken on for the last 10 years. Happy anniversary honey!

Happy 10th wedding anniversary for friends

Time definitely flies and perhaps you’re in shock about how it’s even been 10 years since you attended this friend’s wedding. Or maybe you’ve only become close friends and always know them as a married couple? Whatever the case, let them know how great they look together with wishes for a happy 10th wedding anniversary for friends.

  1. As if it’s been a decade since I got to watch my best friend walk down the aisle. Happy anniversary to both of you!
  2. Honestly, you’re both the absolute perfect couple and it’s great to see that you’re still just as in love as always. Congratulations on making it to your 10th anniversary!
  3. As your token forever single friend, this is my opportunity to gush over how cute you both are even 10 years later.
  4. Wishing you both a great anniversary and want to remind you that you really do make the best couple!
  5. Since knowing you both I’ve really come to see what a truly loving marriage looks like. Happy anniversary and hope you do something special!

10th wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Do your parents pretty much have the ideal marriage in your eyes? As with any couple, there’s no doubt they’ll have been through their own ups and downs but all that matters is that they’ve made it to this day stronger than ever and still in love. In fact, you are an example of that love.

So, celebrate the day with a card complete with one of our 10th wedding anniversary wishes for parents written inside.

  1. Happy 10th anniversary mum and dad, I can only hope and dream of having a marriage like yours one day. I’m so lucky to be able to see what true love looks like through my own parents.
  2. Wishing my two favourite people in the world a happy anniversary, here’s to another 10 years of more joy and happiness together.
  3. To my wonderful parents, I hope you both have a wonderful day celebrating another year of blissful marriage.
  4. You’re both an inspiration, as parents and what love really means. Cheers to making more memories together as husband and wife.
  5. It may have taken longer than expected to eventually walk down the aisle but happy 10 years of married life mum and dad!

10-year anniversary quotes

Summing up 10 years’ worth of marriage in one message is hard, so make life easier by taking famous words about marriage from someone else. These are some 10-year anniversary quotes we think will work perfectly:

  1. “To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give.” – Franka Potente
  2. “If I get married, I want to be very married.” – Audrey Hepburn
  3. “When a marriage works, nothing on Earth can take its place.” – Helen Gahagan Douglas
  4. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  5. “A lot of good love can happen in ten years.” – Jim Carrey

Now you’ve got so many 10th wedding anniversary message options to choose from, you’ll need to find a wonderful 10th wedding anniversary card from thortful to write inside. Feel like you’re constantly celebrating something or other? If you need more inspiration, go check out the rest of the thortful blog. There you can find everything from other what to write guides to countless lifestyle and special occasion articles.