Dream wedding based on your star sign

We know what your dream wedding is based on your star sign

Whether you long to get married in an opulent stately home with 300 guests, or you’d love nothing more than eloping to a secluded beach, did you know your star sign reveals how you’d like to spend your big day?

We’ve teamed up with astrologer Inbaal Honigman to uncover what your dream wedding is based on your star sign, so sit back, relax, and prepare for your mind to be read…

Aries: March 21st – April 19th

As a fire sign, you love the heat, so it makes sense that your wedding will take place during the warm summer months.

As someone who loves sports and being active, your ideal venue is a sports stadium; and when it comes to picking a theme, your no-nonsense streak will shine through, so it’ll be something bold, yet simple.

Your love of sports and being active will be clear in your choice of dress too – a body-con of course, which will not only show off your enviable figure, but will also enable you to bust some moves on the dance floor!

Because your favourite colour is red (we’re talking a bold, powerful fire engine red, not a pastel bordering on pink), that’s what your bridesmaid dresses will be, along with all accents on the day – including the most dramatic red rose bouquet.

In fact, when it comes to cutting the cake, your wedding guests (of which you want thousands, if possible!) will not at all be surprised to see that under the icing, you’ve chosen red velvet.

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

As someone who loves elegance and tradition, both are going to shine through on your big day.

Your theme will be tradition, and your wedding will be held in an old mansion, or potentially even a library, with its dark oak bookcases acting as the perfect backdrop for your photos.

If there’s one thing Taurus’ like, it’s quality, and that’s why your dress will be designer. Sure, the design may be simple, but it’ll be made from only the most luxurious of materials, and perhaps even have a vintage feel to it.

Your love of tradition will extend to your cake and colour choices (fruit and ivory); and whilst you do enjoy being sociable, what you don’t enjoy is being centre stage, which is why your autumn wedding will likely be attended by 50 of your closest family and friends.

Gemini: May 21st – June 21st

A total social butterfly, your wedding is going to be one big party, Gemini! Held in the spring, your ideal venue is a secluded beach location, where you can invite 125 of your nearest and dearest for a huge celebration.

Because you love to entertain, you’ll pick a festival theme, complete with music and games, so that everyone can move around and have a great time. Your food will be supplied from rustic food carts so that you can cater to all tastes, and your wedding cake will be a zingy and fresh lemon cake.

For your dress? Well, if you’re hosting a festival-themed wedding on the beach, it needs to be something that won’t restrict your movement – after all, there’s a lot of dancing to be done! You’ll opt for a plain sheath with a surprising touch, such as a splash of colour, to play up to your freedom-loving style, with shoes optional.

In terms of colours, you’ll choose the palest mint hue for your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and added extras, with its lighter-than-air feel perfectly complementing your free spirit.

Cancer: June 21st – July 20th

A traditional sign that values family over everything else, your venue will be local – potentially even at a family member’s home, if there’s enough space! The theme for your wedding will be romance, and it’ll shine the brightest through your dress, which will be a frothy, princess number.

You hate leaving anyone out and will want to invite everyone, but ultimately, it’s the idea of a lifelong marriage that excites you the most, as opposed to a day-long party; so, you’ll invite 25 of your closest family and friends to the ceremony, and then host a huge party afterwards.

You’ll choose your cake with your guests in mind – a simple white chocolate cake that’s both vegan and gluten free, to cater to everyone; and your duck egg blue colour scheme will reflect your water sign.

As for when it’ll be held? Nothing makes you feel happier than being wrapped up indoors when the rain’s belting down outside, so your dream wedding will be held in the heart of winter!

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

Extravagant and glamorous, if you could live in a castle, you would; but if that’s a bit out of reach, then you’ll at least get married in one!

As a Leo, your love of opulence means your theme will be luxe, and that’ll be apparent in your colour scheme. Gold is the hue of choice, as it’s both the colour of the sun, and of luxury. As your wedding will be so exclusive, you’ll have a strict guestlist of 35, who will get to enjoy a day of total glamour.

For your dress, you’ll opt for a designer sheath with a lot of sheen to ensure all eyes remain on you, and your cake will be something original and surprising, like a gin and tonic cake.

As for the date? Well, as a summer baby, no other season would make sense!

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

You love organisation and to be in control, so for your dream wedding, you’ll choose a practical venue that’s indoors (in case it rains!), quiet (so you’re not disturbed by anyone else!) and is temperature controlled (so no one gets too hot or cold!), like a library.

You’ll hold your wedding in autumn, so that guests with children are able to come, and your theme will be classical vintage.

Because you love doing things ‘by the book’, you’ll invite a nice, round number of 100 people, so you can easily sort out seating plans, and your dress will be a breathtakingly stunning yet simple gown in the finest shade of cream, complete with a lace trim.

Your colour scheme will incorporate earthy tones such as taupe, to keep you calm and relaxed on the big day, and you’ll opt for a simnel cake so that the focus is on the taste, as opposed to the look of the icing.

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

Your dream wedding will reflect your elegance and creativity, with a museum making the ideal venue. You’ll choose art deco for your theme to showcase your style, with a colour scheme of blue and silver bringing the perfect pop of colour to bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, and other decorations.

Fitting in with the art deco theme, you’ll have the most fabulous one-of-a-kind column dress with flapper detailing, which will look great in pictures (and on the dancefloor!).

Whilst your evening party will be roaring, your ceremony will be compact, at around 55 guests – with more joining in for the evening celebrations.

You’ll opt for a caffe latte cake – whilst it might be an unusual flavour for a wedding, it’s light and delicate, just like you!

Finally, the date for your big day will fall in autumn, so you’ve got beautiful soft lighting as the perfect backdrop for such an elegant wedding.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

Mystical and original, you’d love to tie the knot at an historic site – whether that’s a castle, a stately home, or an iconic monument. And, as you’re a fan of the quirkier things in life, anyone who attends your dream wedding is in for a treat!

For your dress, you’ll throw tradition out the door and opt for a daring custom-made bridal co-ord in the palest of blue hues, as a nod to your water sign; whereas for your colour scheme, the darkest shade you’ll allow is navy (just think of the drama of it against your outfit!).

Your colour scheme ties in extremely well with your theme, which is nautical; and you’ll serve up a deliciously dark chocolate cherry cake.

As a Scorpio, you don’t like everyone knowing your private life, so you’ll keep your wedding exclusive, with a maximum of 20 people.

For the date? It has to be a winter’s day, so that some of your pictures can be taken in the dramatic darkness of the night.

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

You love nothing more than travel and freedom, Sagittarius, so there’s no better wedding venue for you than somewhere abroad, with a beautiful, unspoilt backdrop. And sure, whilst you could opt for a dramatic mountain view, what you’ll really want is a secluded beach – especially as you’ll be incorporating a tropical theme into your big day.

Taking place in the summer months, you’ll don a quirky white swimsuit, with a sheer skirt on top for the ceremony; and your colour scheme will be white, to provide you with a blank canvas for the day ahead.

The theme will run through to your cake too, which will be rum and coconut; and despite being happy to elope, you’ll invite along 10 of your closest friends to celebrate the most special of days with you.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

With your dream wedding taking place in the autumn, luxury and tradition will feature in all aspects – nothing more so than the venue, which will be an opulent stately home in the heart of the British countryside.

You’ll wow your 150 guests as you glide down the aisle in an elegant A-line gown, and you’ll ask your guests to dress to impress in pearls and tails, with your Pride and Prejudice theme.

Pale neutrals will be your colour scheme – think ivory and stone – as a nod to your elegant day, without them being too overpowering; and you’ll serve up a boozy Grand Marnier cake.

It’ll have taken you many months narrowing down your guestlist to just 150, as in reality, you have hundreds of well-wishers; but you’ve oh-so-thoughtfully chosen autumn as the season to get married, so people don’t feel too uncomfortable in the heat.

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

As a huge supporter of humanitarian causes, and a true animal lover, a zoo that promotes conservation would be the perfect venue for you. In fact, your theme will extend to incorporate the animals you’re spending the day with; and you’ll ask your guests to donate to your favourite animal charity (whether that’s elephants or lemurs!), instead of giving you gifts.

A delicious banana cake will be served on the day, and your colour scheme will be environmentalist green, as a nod to all of your charity work.

As sustainability runs throughout your special day, you’ll keep the party relatively small, at 75 guests; and you’ll attend your ceremony in a jumpsuit – after all, it’s way more comfortable than a dress, and it’s unique like you!

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

A waterfront destination wedding is the ideal venue of choice for those born under the sign of the fish; with the theme extending to under-the-sea! A mermaid cut dress, with a beautiful fit-and-flare silhouette is both dramatic and feminine and will make you feel like you’re starring in your very own fairy tale.

Your destination wedding may not allow for a huge number of guests, but you love, love and want to celebrate it, so you’ll make it work and invite 70 of your nearest and dearest to join you barefoot on the sand!

As for your colour scheme? There’s no better hue than a dazzling turquoise, to match the sea you’re getting married by; and you’ll serve up a Jamaican black cake, which will represent how rich your love between you and your significant other is!

So, did we get it right?! Whatever your dream wedding may be, whether it’s choosing your wedding dress or picking a colour scheme, the planning part can be ridiculously stressful. So, to help you out, make sure you take a look at our wedding planning checklist, so you can get everything sorted ahead of the big day.

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