In October 2020 we were approached by a desperate mum who, after searching nationwide retailers couldn’t find a card to symbolise her adoption journey, she came to thortful with boxes of cards to sell that had been rejected by three different high street card retailers. We listened and we’re delighted to say that just in time for World Adoption Day she has become one of our community of creators and we are selling her heartfelt cards on thortful, this is her story:

Nothing can prepare you for ‘the hug.’ If you’ve dealt with the pain of infertility you will be well acquainted with ‘the hug.’ It’s the one you turn and give to your significant other when you realise it’s over. You had a few throws of the dice, your numbers didn’t come in, it’s time to step off the merry-go-round of infertility and grieve for the life you’d imagined you would have.  

We arrived at the door to adoption through our chosen charity Barnardo’s UK in September 2018, completed all the paperwork, medicals, consumed 1,56098 cups of tea with our social workers, discussed in great detail our life history, were approved and after what felt like an eternity, matched with our beautiful little boy *Nemo in July 2020.

After five years, £25,000, two womb scrapes, a miscarriage, and the completion of the arduous adoption process I wanted to step out onto the high street and treat myself to a spot of shopping. This was it! I could actually step inside a shop; I could go beyond the window and not feel like I didn’t belong. I stepped into a department store to look at the prams, the shop assistant was great, lovely in fact. Had that quintessential British retail smile about her asked me; “When is the mother due? “

I dusted myself off; I‘ll come back to that one. Start small, get my little boy a card. Something for him to keep, look back on, a simple message of love. A keepsake to welcome him into his new home. That’s what a greeting card is all about right? A small, accessible token of love? 

On an entirely selfish level, I wanted my moment, my Beyonce at the VMA’s moment, (you know the one, dropped the Mic, announced to the world she was going to become a mother)  

I wanted to feel like any other parent to be.  

I wanted to finally be recognised as a mother.  

I wanted to buy a card.  

I couldn’t. 


You can shop Not a Fictional Mum’s cards on thortful