What your sleeping position says about you

What your sleeping position says about you

When you go to bed, do you lie flat on your back in the centre of your mattress like an oversized starfish, or do you curl up as tightly as humanly possible? However you fall asleep, it’s time to find out exactly what your sleeping position says about you, as we reveal all; along with advice on the best positions for relieving those niggling aches and pains, and thoughtful sleep and wellness gifts to treat yourself or a loved one who’s struggling to get some shut-eye!

The soldier

If you sleep on your back with your legs straight and your arms by your side, you’re a straight-talking person who doesn’t believe in beating around the bush. You love order and structure in your life, and you expect everyone else to have the same high standards as you.

The not-so-great thing about the soldier position? Well, if you’re prone to snoring, you’re going to let everyone in the house know about it (hello gravity forcing your tongue to restrict your airways).

However, if you’re not a snorer, then lying on your back can be really beneficial – not only will it help to improve your posture, as your back and neck are properly aligned; it also reduces the risk of you getting premature wrinkles (so expect to be ID’ed at every bar you walk into!).

The starfish

Sprawled out flat on your back, the key difference between you and a soldier is that you sleep with your arms high up above you. People who sleep like this tend to be helpful and positive, and are natural born leaders; and interestingly, men are more likely to commandeer space as a starfish, than women.

Also like the soldier, this sleeping position is great in that it can help to prevent neck, shoulder and lower back pain, alongside reducing the chance of premature wrinkling, as the only force that’s affecting your face is gravity!

The skydiver

A risk-taker through-and-through, you’re regularly described as the life and soul of the party, and are lots of fun to be around! However, you have a bit of a secret: whilst you want everyone to think you’re a free spirit, deep down, you can be quite anxious.

In all honesty, lying on your stomach is one of the worst sleeping positions for your health, because it can cause stress on your lower back and neck, which can result in niggling aches and pains.

That being said, if you’re prone to snoring, then sleeping like a skydiver is great if you share a bed with a long-suffering partner, as it’ll help to keep your airways clear.

If you find this position the most comfortable, we’d recommend resting your head on the edge of a pillow so you’re facing the mattress, rather than having your head turned to the side, to reduce the pressure on your neck.

The baby

Also known as the foetal position, much like a baby in a womb, you’re at your most comfortable when you sleep on your side, with your legs tucked up under your chin.

One of the most common sleeping positions (and especially popular with women), if this is your favourite way to get to sleep, it suggests that whilst you have a tough exterior, you’re actually just a big ol’ softie at heart!

Whilst sleeping in the foetal position can cause some strain on your neck and back, if you have a good quality mattress and pillow, then that shouldn’t really be an issue; and it can be hugely helpful if you’re pregnant, as it’ll help to increase circulation to your baby.

The log

If you sleep on your side with one leg straight and the other one tucked up, and your arms in front of you or under your pillow, then you’re officially a log! If you sleep like this, then you’re extremely sociable, are constantly on the go with all the plans you’ve arranged with friends; and are very trusting (sometimes a bit too so!).

The great thing about this sleeping position, is it can help to reduce both neck and back pain – and if you do suffer from any discomfort, then popping a pillow between your legs should really help.

Relationship sleeping positions

The way you sleep with your partner can also say a lot about you too! If neither of you are guilty of being a log or a skydiver, then you might find these relationship sleeping positions better describe you…


The intimacy of spooning provides a lot of physical and emotional comfort, but let’s be honest, we can all get sick of each other! If you fall asleep in a tight embrace, then you’re most likely either in a brand new relationship, or you just can’t keep your hands off each other!

Prefer to be the big spoon? You like to provide comfort to your significant other, and you’re definitely the most giving of the two; whereas if you’re the little spoon, you like to feel protected, and be showered with attention.

If you’re in a longer-term relationship but appreciate skin-on-skin contact, then a loose spoon might be the ideal sleeping position, as you’ll still have that physical intimacy, but with more personal space.

Back-to-back, no contact

This isn’t a bad thing – in fact, if you and your partner sleep like this, then it means you’re both confident in your relationship, and enjoy your independence. Extremely self-sufficient yet connected as a couple… the only thing to consider if you’re both sleeping at opposite sides of the bed, is that you might want to invest in a bigger mattress!

Front-to-front, no contact

Some say this sleeping position means that both of you really want more attention and intimacy in the relationship, but aren’t currently giving (or getting) it. So, if you and your partner regularly fall asleep this way, then plan some date nights together, or indulge in some good old-fashioned pillow talk before turning the lights out, to help you feel better connected.

Give yourself the gift of better sleep

Struggling to sleep every now and then is common – whether you can’t shut off from a busy day at work, or your partner’s snoring is making the walls vibrate. But if you feel like every night is a constant battle to get some shut-eye, then it’s time to re-evaluate the way you sleep.

Whether you want to send a helpful gift to yourself or a loved one who struggles to visit the land of nod, these sleep and wellness gifts could change your (or their!) life for the better.

Relaxing indoor plants

Several types of plants have soothing properties that can help you to enter total relaxation. For example, the scent of lavender can reduce feelings of anxiety by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure (or if you want all the benefits without the stress of keeping a plant alive, then get a lavender spray on your pillow!).

Peace lilies are great for sleeping too, as it increases a room’s humidity, banishing dry air that can make it harder to fall asleep. If you want to be extra thoughtful with your gift giving, why not send a card with a plant to a loved one who’s struggling to sleep, with a sweet message that will let them have the nicest of dreams?

A soothing scented candle

The key to falling asleep takes place way before you get into bed. Set yourself a relaxing evening routine that lets you unwind. Think a long, relaxing bath, soothing scented candles, and a ban on screens after a certain time.

Much like plants, candles are known to lower your stress levels, helping you become much more relaxed – especially if you choose a clever scent like lavender or vanilla. Again, if you want to truly treat yourself or a loved one, then pair your candle with a card.

Luxury bubble bath

The most relaxing ritual we can possibly think of? A long, luxurious bath… we’re thinking tea lights lining the bath, a good book, and a glass of vino. To top off the whole experience, treat yourself to your favourite bubble bath (or try a totally new brand or fragrance!).

We’d personally recommend pairing a card with Mallows Beauty bath salts. Not only are they vegan, but they’re super kind to skin, and smell good enough to eat!

Whether you sleep like a log, or need a carefully planned-out ritual to help you have the sweetest of dreams, sleeping position meanings can be scarily accurate, because your subconscious takes over to reveal the true you.

For more sleep-inducing presents, browse our range of gifts and sleep cards, or for more lifestyle tips and inspiration, head on over to our blog.