What your New Year’s resolutions say about you

We’re not here to slate New Year’s resolutions. They can be a really powerful way to change things up, state your intentions for the new year. But let’s face it – more often than not, by about, oh, February 1st, they’ve fallen by the wayside.

Here are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and what we think they say about you. Don’t take these too seriously – and don’t feel too bad about breaking any of your resolutions this year. We’ve all been there.

Get healthy

You barely remember the days between Christmas and New Year. It’s all a blur of cheese boards and eating After Eights before 8am. And hey, no judgement – we all deserve a little bit of indulgence! But come January 1st, the totally vague, amorphous idea of ‘get healthy’ seemed like a great idea. You’ve ordered yourself the finest Gymshark have to offer, got your brand new Nikes on – but oh, it’s already half seven now, and it’s already dark, and it’s so cold – not really feeling it, maybe tomorrow? Yeah, definitely tomorrow. For sure.

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Take up a new hobby

You’re probably one of those people that already has five hobbies on the go, but just needs to squeeze another one in there. It’s not enough that you can already play an instrument while crocheting a scarf for your five-a-side football team – oh, and did you mention that you had a loaf of homemade bread in the oven? But no, one more can’t hurt. I’m sure your friends will be delighted to see how your Argentinian tango is coming along in March, when they’ve all given up on their resolutions and are feeling wildly inadequate.

Spend less money

Well, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re likely to save money in the first few months of the new year… and the bad news is that it’s because everyone is broke from Christmas and it’s too gloomy and cold to plan anything fun. But aiming to curb your spending is a good goal, especially if you’re saving for something special – in the depths of January, we all need some holiday on the horizon to look forward to, even if only a staycation here in the UK. And hey, if you’re looking for thrifty ways to keep yourself or your kids occupied, instead of turning to Netflix yet again, why not one of our winter crafting DIY ideas for some fun seasonal crafts?

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Drink less

Making your New Year’s resolution ‘drink less’ is a noble goal. But we’re guessing it’s becoming a necessity, because your brown glass recycling bin is becoming a health hazard and no one should have to make that many trips to the bottle bank. Chances are you’re the most fun person in your friend group, and the first one to suggest a cheeky drink after work, but you’ve had one too many ‘I spent how much??’ bank statement panics on a Sunday morning and you feel it’s time to do something about it. And if you need a bit of motivation, here’s our tongue-in-cheek look at just what your favourite drink says about you.

Read more

You spent most of your last year slumped in front of the TV or endlessly scrolling through your Twitter feed, so you’ve made a resolution to read more this year. Good for you! Realistically, this will go one of two ways: you’ll end up with a dusty Hilary Mantel book on your bedside table, untouched with a bookmark at about the 1/5th mark until July when you give up and relegate it back to the bookshelf. Or, you’ll post a picture of your stack of books to read, beautifully arranged for Instagram, read a couple, then get massively distracted by whatever this year’s answer to Squid Game ends up being and never go back to them.

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Spend more time with loved ones

Spending more time with the people you love most is a sweet goal. But what does it say about you? Well, it definitely suggests that you’re a workaholic who’s always #onthegrind. Working hard is all well and good, but if you’re not logging off until 9pm every night you’re definitely getting more quality time with Outlook than you are with your offspring. It’s time to make a change – so you’ll be logging off at 8:30pm. Good for yo- oh, no, wait, the kids are already in bed. Oops.

Did you make any of these resolutions for the new year? No matter what your plans are for this year, we’ve got plenty of cards, from January birthday cards or cards just to send to a friend to say hello. And for more funny articles and guides like this one, head to our blog.