Ideas on what to write in a colleague's leaving card

What to write in a leaving card

If your mind goes blank when trying to decide what to write in a leaving card, you’re not the only one! Leaving card messages can often feel generic or clichéd, when you’re actually trying to be sincere and wish someone well for the future. Or perhaps you don’t really know the person leaving and you’re just looking for something to lighten the mood! To help you strike the tone you’re aiming for, we’ve pulled together some ideas for funny, witty, simple and caring leaving wishes that might just help you to say farewell in the way you want to.

Funny leaving card messages

  1. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone it was you.
  2. Congratulations. You escaped.
  3. As you slide down the bannister of life, may all the splinters be facing in the right direction!
  4. Run, Simba. And never return!
  5. This is not goodbye! I’ve got cameras rigged up in your house.
  6. How you didn’t get sacked before now is beyond me!
  7. Don’t leave! I can’t cope with these idiots on my own.
  8. I’m really going to miss ignoring your emails!
  9. Judas!
  10. Therapy for my abandonment issues is expensive. You can pay me in instalments if you like.

Playful leaving card messages

  1. This is a leaving card with a future and a past… but no present.
  2. Over the years we’ve known each other, I’ve come to regard you as someone I have met.
  3. I’ve no idea who you are, but didn’t want to look bad when they passed this leaving card round.
  4. News of your departure has rocked the company’s procrastination department.
  5. The coffee machine won’t be the same without you.
  6. Happy birthday / wedding / new baby / future career – delete as appropriate
  7. Can I have your stapler?
  8. In future, just be yourself. Only less so.
  9. Finally we can be together, without worrying what people think.
  10. I thought you left ages ago?

Witty leaving card messages

  1. As I look back on our time together, I can honestly describe you as one of the people I happened to work with.
  2. We’ll all get replaced by machines eventually. I’ve heard the broken photocopier is having your desk.
  3. Looking forward to your leaving party, which starts as soon as we’ve seen the back of you.
  4. Good luck at your new job! I’m guessing there was only one candidate for the position?
  5. It won’t be the same here without you. It’ll be much, much nicer.
  6. Are you still here? Thought you were leaving.
  7. Hard times always flush out the weak! Shame you weren’t up for the fight.
  8. Off to pastures new eh? Well, there’s dirt in every field.
  9. I hope that rash clears up soon.
  10. The village called to say they’re excited to be getting their idiot back!

Simple leaving card messages

  1. It will be rubbish here without you!
  2. I’ll miss you!
  3. Wishing you all the best with everything.
  4. Good luck in your next chapter.
  5. Thank you for everything and good luck!
  6. Keep in touch!
  7. So sorry you’re leaving – you will be missed.
  8. Wherever you’re going, they’re lucky to have you!
  9. Sorry to be saying goodbye!
  10. I hope our paths cross again soon.

Caring leaving card messages

  1. You’ve been a wonderful presence in all of our lives, and we wish you all the best.
  2. It’s tough to say farewell to someone as loved as you are, but we’ll always have happy memories to savour!
  3. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and good luck in your new venture.
  4. I feel lucky to have known you these last few years, and wish you every success in the future.
  5. Wishing you the best of luck in your new chapter, not that you’ll need it! You’re going to be a huge success, as always.
  6. This place will be poorer for losing you, but our loss is someone else’s gain!
  7. People like you are hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.
  8. Thank you for all you have done, and good luck with all that you do in future.
  9. I’m sad to see you go, but let’s celebrate the fact we had this time together!
  10. You’ll always have a place here should you ever wish to return!

With so many things to write in a leaving card, hopefully you’ll no longer be stuck for what to say! For more inspiration on what to write in cards, head on over to our blog.