What to write in a get well card

70+ get well soon messages to show you care

When friends, family members or colleagues fall ill or have an accident, the tradition of the get well card is one of the many morale-boosting rituals that can help to keep people smiling – or even laughing – during recovery. As such, deciding what to write in a get well card is worth taking some time to think over.

If you’re struggling to decide what to write in a get well card, you’re in luck. To help you come up with some fitting phrases and wordplay to lighten the mood, we’ve pulled together a collection of witty, playful, simple, caring, and funny get well messages that might be just what your card requires. And to get them grinning like a Cheshire cat during this difficult time, you can take inspiration from our get well soon gifts and send a treat to their door. They’ll be delighted.

Funny get well soon messages

When someone is feeling a little worse for wear, or struggling through a long illness, as well as good health, all they’ll want is to be cheered up. And that’s where you come in. Our range of hilarious get well cards will bring a real smile to their face, so check them out for more inspiration and pen down one of these funny get well soon messages:

  1. Sorry to hear you’re unwell! I guess germs like you as much as I do.
  2. They say laughter is the best medicine, but have you tried morphine?
  3. Hope you’re back on your feet before long! Although it’s a shame there’s no cure for being a loser.
  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery, you clumsy idiot!
  5. Can you get well soon, please? I’m running out of nice things to say.
  6. Just seen that you’ve included me in your will and wanted to wish you a quick and painless death.
  7. Heard you’re malfunctioning. Have you tried turning yourself off and on again?
  8. Hope you feel better soon – so you can come back to work and feel worse again!
  9. Get well soon! The alcohol industry is missing you.
  10. Wishing you a speedy recovery from being a moany hypochondriac!

Playful get well soon wishes

When you’re sending someone who’s unwell a get well soon message, you’ll know that person inside out. So, you’ll know that sending a playful get well soon card during this tough time will be a real winner. Here are several playful get well soon wishes to write in your card:

  1. Hope you get well soon! There’s a load of washing up for you to do.
  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery, so we can make fun of you again and not feel bad about it!
  3. I would wish you a speedy recovery but, let’s face it, you’re going to milk this for all it’s worth aren’t you?
  4. Would be great if you could hurry up and get well soon – your cough is really starting to grate on me.
  5. Get well soon buddy! I’m having to make extra coffee rounds while you’re ill.
  6. If this thing kills you off, what am I getting in your will?
  7. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually missing you.
  8. No rush to recover anytime soon – we’re keeping all your work piled up on your desk for when you get back.
  9. I always said you were a sicko.
  10. You might feel better if you stop Googling your symptoms.

Witty get well messages

If someone in your life is a little under the weather, you’ll want to bring the sunshine back in their life. Although, you might not know what to write in a get well card – and that’s fine because we do. For the class clown in your life, we’d recommend sending some witty get well messages like these:

  1. Can you get well soon, please? You’re stealing my limelight.
  2. Hey, at least it’s not chlamydia!
  3. Sorry to hear you’re not well! We’re keeping a tally of the rounds you’ve not bought at the pub.
  4. Please don’t die, my diary is really busy at the moment.
  5. Just to let you know, I’m only being nice to you because you’re ill.
  6. It’s for times like this that the universe gave us YouTube and endless cat videos. Get well soon!
  7. I’m really sick of you being sick!
  8. Thought about coming to visit you but I really don’t want what you’ve got, thanks.
  9. Got to say, you’re using up a lot of sick days that could have been useful for hangovers!
  10. I asked everyone to sign your get well card, but they’ve all forgotten who you are…

You’re all set. So, check out our range of cheeky get well cards to really lift their spirits, then scroll down (or type out) one of our carefully considered, wonderfully witty messages inside.

Simple get well messages

If you’re thinking of going simple with things to write in a get well card, we’ve got quite the selection for you to choose from. After all, any message will be greatly appreciated by the person receiving this heartfelt gesture. Here are a number of simple yet effective (and thoughtful) get well soon messages you can use:

  1. Get well soon – we all miss you!
  2. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.
  3. Sending love and strength to brighten your day.
  4. Stay strong! Every day is a step closer to recovery.
  5. Good cheer is the best of all healers – sending you plenty of it!
  6. Hoping to see you back on your feet soon.
  7. So sorry to hear you’re unwell. Here’s to a speedy recovery.
  8. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. Hoping you’re back to your amazing self before long!
  10. Looking forward to having you back in our lives very soon.

Caring get well soon messages for a friend

With a get well soon card, you want to show the person in your life how much you really care, which can be easily portrayed with a sweet little message from the heart.

We’ve put our heads together to help you write the perfect caring get well soon messages for a friend:

  1. These are tough times, but better days are coming! I’ll be here for you no matter what.
  2. Just to let you know we are all thinking of you and wishing you a fast and full recovery.
  3. There’s nothing that someone as strong as you cannot overcome. We’re all with you on your road to recovery.
  4. Sorry I can’t be there to give you all the hugs that you’re getting in my mind!
  5. We’re all rooting for you as you bounce back to full health. You got this!
  6. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
  7. Thinking of you every day while you work your way back to health.
  8. Can’t wait to see you back on your feet, smiling and happy again!
  9. You’ve always been a source of strength for me in tough times, and I’m sure that same strength will have you back to full health in no time.

As well as pinching one of these caring messages and sending on of our loving get well soon cards, you could really spoil them by sending a bunch of get well soon flowers to their door from our remarkable gift range. Let them know how much you’re thinking of them, they’ll majorly appreciate it.

Inspirational get well soon quotes

If you’re really at a loose end with what to write in a get well card, you can say it all without having to say it yourself! By this, we mean you can pop some famous quotes in your card from some of the greats. Get some ideas from this list of inspirational get well soon quotes to really show your recipient that you care – and provide them with some wisdom at the same time:

  1. “The best of healers is good cheer.” – Pindus
  2. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising up every time we fail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” – Hubert Humphrey
  4. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  5. “This too shall pass.” – Persian Sufi Poets
  6. “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis.

Get well soon messages for colleagues

If you’re aware that someone that you work with is currently taking some time off sick then a get well card from a co-worker will make certain they know just how valued they are in their job. Not sure how to keep it professional? Here are some of our get well soon messages for colleagues:

  1. The office isn’t the same without you, hope you feel better soon!
  2. As your work wife/hubby, I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and sending my best wishes.
  3. Everyone at work wanted to send along their well wishes, so here you go! If there’s any way we can help, just let us know.
  4. You’re such a hard worker and I know you’re going to make a quick recovery.
  5. God of all the times to get sick, it just happens to be when we’re at our busiest, what a coincidence!
  6. Get well soon! We’ll have all your favourite snacks ready on your desk for when you come back.

Pre-surgery well wishes for an operation

Having surgery or an operation is a big deal and can be extremely nerve-wracking for anyone. Help lift their spirits beforehand and encourage them to be strong with our pre-surgery well wishes for an operation:

  1. It’s completely normal to not look forward to your surgery, but I know you’re going to do great and be back to normal soon enough.
  2. Wishing you all the best for your operation and I’m going to be right by your bedside as soon as I’m allowed!
  3. There’s bound to be countless thoughts running through your head right now but you’re one of the strongest people I know. Best of luck with your surgery and sending you my best wishes!
  4. Surgery can be scary but you’re in the best possible hands! Good luck and we’ll catch up once you’re ready.
  5. Once you’ve done this you know you can take on anything and everything will only be better from this point onwards, wishing you a quick and easy recovery!

Sweet get well wishes after surgery

Surgery is a big deal and takes a lot of courage to be able to do so. That’s why the least you can do is send the person you know who’s recently gone through surgery a sweet card accompanied with a note applauding them for their bravery.

We’ve come up with some sweet get well wishes for after surgery that will let the person know you’re thinking of them:

  1. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.
  2. Everyone is so proud of you and sending all their love and best wishes your way.
  3. Heard the surgery went just as planned which made my day. I hope you feel better and get back to your fabulous self soon.
  4. Cheering you on while you’re recovering! We’re all here if you need anything at all.
  5. Once you’re up for it, I’ll treat you to a meal at your favourite place, you deserve it. Get well soon!
  6. Look at you go! You’ve made it through the hardest part, sending positive vibes your way.
  7. Well done you absolute warrior! Can’t wait to give you a big hug.

Now you’re clued up on what to write in a get well card, you can choose your favourite get well soon wishes and send one their way. For more ideas on what to write in a whole range of other special occasion cards, head on over to our blog. You can also read our article on top tips for getting through tough times to help someone who’s struggling.