What mums really want this Mother's Day

All mum wants for Mother’s Day is uninterrupted sleep

Want to give your mum the gift she’s really been after, apart from the traditional flowers and chocolate? Well, to find out exactly what you could treat your mum to this Mother’s Day, we conducted a survey* asking what mums would get up to if they had a whole 24 hours to themselves.

From this, we’ve come up with a few gift ideas that we reckon your mum will really appreciate. This way, you know you’ve got her a gift she’ll love that she can use when she does manage to find some treasured alone time.

What would mums get up to if they had 24 hours to themselves?

45% of mums want a long, uninterrupted sleep, including a lie-in

Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost half of the mums (45%) we spoke to said that all they want is to be able to have a long uninterrupted sleep (including a lie-in, of course). Between the school run, their actual 9-5, and making sure the house isn’t overtaken by clutter, this is the absolute least they deserve!

Mums take on all sorts of responsibilities, not all of which are physical jobs, which only add to the mental load. Perhaps this is why mum just wants some much-needed alone time in bed?

Just over 4 in 10 mums (41%) said that they would use their 24 hours to spend quality time with their partner – pretty rare once you’re both having to run around after the kids! Meanwhile, 39% would prefer to take the time to enjoy their own company and sit in peace and quiet.

30% of mums would treat it as a day of relaxation, and have a long bath with all the home spa essentials. At the end of the day, if you’re going to pamper yourself you might as well go all out.

Just a quick warning that if you don’t want to think about your mum’s sex life then you might want to skip over this final revelation. Rounding out the top 5 things that mums would get up to if they had 24 child-free hours, over a quarter of mums (27%) admitted that they’d love nothing more than grabbing their partner and taking them to the bedroom.

Mother’s Day gifts your mum will adore

Now we know more about what mums would get up to if they had a day to themselves, we’ve come up with a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that she’ll adore based on the results.

To help her get a great night’s sleep, you could pick up something like an essential oil mist that she can spray on her pillow and will have her in a deep slumber in no time. Alternatively, a silk pillow is a luxurious little gift and she’ll soon fall fast asleep after lying down. Not just that, they’re also great for your skin and can even help prevent fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the naturally smooth texture.

One for the mums who just want to spend a bit of extra quality time with their partner, why not consider getting your mum a cute game that they can play together or organising a date night for them both?

Some herbal tea and sweets will go down a treat with your mum if she would love to just spend Mother’s Day chilling out. You could even get something like a mindfulness subscription that she can use for meditation or just a bit of peace and quiet.

To make sure your mum has the ultimate at-home spa day, you can pick up some bits and bobs like bath salts, premium skincare, body scrub, and whatever else you think will help her relax and unwind. Our guide on how to have a spa day at home will also help with making the most of the occasion.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you figure out exactly what your mum would really appreciate this Mother’s Day depending on how she might spend some alone time. And now that the gift is all sorted, don’t forget to pick up a Mother’s Day card to go along with it too!