What could your royalties buy you this Christmas?

Hello Creators! We know how much you’ve worked your creative butts off this year, and the festive season is in full swing. So, we’ve come up with a little Christmas gift guide for you – plus the price equivalent in cards sold!

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator apps 

For all your card designing needs, as well as creating logos, icons, illustrations, and web graphics.

Cost: £21.98 per month

Royalties equivalent: 88 cards per month

Canva Pro

Canva is a great tool to establish your brand’s identity and create social and website graphics.

Cost: £12.99 per month

Royalties equivalent: 52 cards per month

Tassimo by Bosch coffee machine

If, like us, you’re fuelled by coffee, then we’d recommend sticking a coffee machine on your wishlist this year.

Cost: £100

Royalties equivalent: 400 cards

Refurbished iPad 7th generation

Wanting to up your design kit? Save on cost, but don’t sacrifice the quality with a refurbished ipad.

Cost: £206

Royalties equivalent: 824 cards

Digital Painting brush

A nifty gadget that lets you create realistic brush strokes on your phone or tablet. GENIUS!

Cost: £24.99

Royalties equivalent: 100 cards

Stylus Pen for iPad

This pen makes it super duper easy to sketch designs and draw on a tablet. No more big clunky fingers getting in the way!

Cost: £29.99

Royalties equivalent: 120 cards

Apple AirPods

Would it be a gift guide without an Apple product? AirPods need no introduction, we can’t live without ours. An essential when you want to zone out and get creative.

Cost: £159

Royalties equivalent: 716 cards


Ahhh airfryers, the must-have product of the year. We can already hear a chef yelling “It’s just a convection oven!” in the distance. One of our best selling cards from 2022 even featured one!

Cost: £50

Royalties equivalent: 200 cards

Electric coffee mug warmer 

If your brew constantly goes cold whilst you’re in the middle of a card design, look no further! This handy gadget will keep it warm while you master your next card collection.

Cost: £25.97

Royalties equivalent: 108 cards

Christmas Lunch with a friend

It wouldn’t be Christmas without squeezing in catching up with every friend before the year is out.

The average lunch out with a pal costs around £25.

Selling 100 cards would cover the cost (so it’s basically free, right? That’s how maths works.)

We hope this puts into perspective how much being a thortful Creator can make life a bit more brilliant. Every card you sell builds up, and the opportunities that your creativity can give you are truly endless!

Have a very merry Christmas from all of us, and we can’t wait to see what you and your creative minds get up to next year.


Team thortful