Hello Creators! 

As the calendar refreshes into a brand new year, what better time to start a health kick? We’ve hopped on the Veganuary train here at thortful, and it would be rude not to share our favourite recipes with you.

Why go vegan, you ask? Well, our favourite 3 reasons are:

🌱 Going vegan is like hitting the nutritional jackpot. You’ve got a massively lower risk of heart disease, plus you get a daily dose of fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants to keep that body ticking over.
🌱 Choosing plant power is a huge high-five to Mother Nature. You’re cutting down on deforestation, air pollution, and water usage caused by animal agriculture.
🌱 By skipping out on supporting industries that tend to treat animals like extras in a horror movie, you’re choosing kindness.
So tie on your apron, sharpen those knives, and flip through thortful’s very own Vegan Cookbook!

We hope it gives you a little bit of inspo, and of course send us a pic of your delicious creations!

Happy cooking,

Team thortful