Valentine’s Day themes that never go out of style

If you’ve not already designed your Valentine’s Day 2023 collection, now is the time to start! We thought we’d take a look at some timeless designs our customers have loved in the past, and highlight common themes to help get your creative cogs turning.

Couple in-jokes

Sometimes the most personalised card you can send is one that sums up your relationship so perfectly, it could’ve been designed especially for you. Whether it’s fighting over the duvet or not being able to decide where to go for dinner, have a think about the relatable little things that make relationships wonderful. 

From left to right: Cards by Very British Problems and Rachel Millson-Hill

Playful Digs

Further to the above, we know our customers like to poke fun at each other (or even themselves!) for their quirks. Just be sure to keep the message positive and lighthearted and consider the emotional impact you want your design to have.

From left to right: Cards by Star Rating Cards and Twin Pines Creative

Think of the fur children!

Pets play a huge part in our lives. Particularly as Brits, many of us see our pets as family members (we’re certainly dog-crazy here at thortful HQ!) so it’s no surprise that pet-themed designs are so popular.

From left to right: Cards by Off The Leash Cartoons by Rupert Fawcett and Abbie Imagine

Suggestive Humour & Innuendo

Love them or hate them, many of our customers love a cheeky card, and what better time to opt for a more flirty message than Valentine’s Day? 

From left to right: Cards by kissmekwik and xoxod

Cards that make you go 'awwh'

It’s not all humour and innuendo! Our customers love sending cute cards to their significant other too, be that sweet illustrations or sentimental captions. Cards can really help you find the words to express yourself, so have a think about how you can give someone a hand in being a little bit soppy this Valentine’s Day.

From left to right: Cards by Personally Twisted and Tee Ansell Draws

There's no school like the old school

Don’t forget, there are plenty of people who love a traditional Valentine’s Day card. We find designs in this category perform particularly well when they refer to the recipient, as demonstrated beautifully in the cards shown below.

From left to right: cards by Louise Tiler and Dalia Clark Design

We hope you’ve found this helpful, and we can’t wait to see the brilliant designs you come up with this year! Upload your Valentine’s Day designs ahead of the deadline on 18 December 2022 here.

Team thortful x