The most romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner! You’re ready to organise a fun, flirty, and romantic Valentine’s Day date to show your significant other how much they mean to you. But when it comes to actually planning the date… you can’t think of a single thing to do past Netflix and chill. Whether it’s because Valentine’s Day crept up on you, or you’re genuinely stumped for new and exciting Valentine’s Day date ideas, even the biggest romantics among us can sometimes find themselves flummoxed at what to do on Valentine’s Day. Yes, you want to get your partner a thortful Valentine’s Day card that will make them laugh. You want to send them a heartfelt Valentine’s gift to make them blush, and you want to share sweet nothings to make them swoon. But what about your actual Valentine’s Day date? Don’t panic. If you’re stressed about what to do on Valentine’s Day, we’ve cultivated a bunch of romantic, cute, and unique ideas that you can try out for your next Valentine’s Day date. No matter which one you choose, our Valentine’s Day dates offer the perfect setting for forming those lasting romantic memories.

Romantic Valentine’s Day ideas

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to romance? Let’s face it, who doesn’t love that quintessential romantic atmosphere? If that’s the kind of vibe you want to capture, our romantic Valentine’s Day ideas are sure to get your other half’s heart-pounding; as will our traditional Valentine’s Day cards.

Recreate your first official date

Perhaps the sparks were flying from the moment you locked eyes across the coffee shop. Maybe you needed to hang out together with friends a few times before the two of you officially went on a date? Either way, as Valentine’s Day dates go, nothing says romantic more than recreating the ambience and activity of your very first date. You’ll need to sit and do a little bit of thinking to remember what drinks you both had, any sweet treats you bought, and what it was you actually spent the date doing. Don’t sweat the small things though. Getting the main elements right is more than enough and shows dedication and nostalgia for the little things in life. And it doesn’t just have to be a beat-by-beat recreation. You could include other Valentine’s ideas such as adding in other first moments to the day as well, like visiting the place where you first kissed.

Cook you and your partner’s favourite meal

Another favourite for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas is to personally cook a special meal. No doubt there’s a food you both love, so why not take the time to learn to recreate it for this special occasion. Take some time to practice the recipe beforehand (in secret if possible) or spend time creating the dish together so you can both cook it on the day. Of course, cooking the meal is only one half of this Valentine’s idea. You’ve got to set the mood as well. Dim the lights, light some candles, put on some romantic music, find the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers, and use the occasion as an excuse to get dressed up without leaving the house. You could even theme the night if you want to spice it up further, doing activities before and after dinner that fit with your chosen setting.

Take a weekend getaway in the outdoors

If you and your partner are the outdoors type, or you simply want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a day, then why not take your other half on a Valentine’s Day date into the countryside? Whether it’s a trip to a sunny, windswept beach, the peace and quiet of an expansive woodland, or the stunning vista from the top of a mountain, as Valentine’s Day dates go, the outdoors is where memorable memories are made. It also doesn’t just have to be confined to Valentine’s Day. Why not make a long weekend of it? Rent out a cosy, out-of-the-way cottage and relax in front of the fire before wrapping up warm to watch the sunrise or go stargazing.

Cute Valentine’s Day ideas

Naturally, not everyone wants to do something overly romantic on Valentine’s Day (though romantic Valentine’s Day cards are a must). Sometimes, more adorable and cute Valentine’s Day date ideas are called for, ones that’ll make your significant other go aww.

Throw a rom-com movie night

Get your PJs on, order the most indulgent takeout you can, get that wine or bubbly ready, and cuddle up with your significant other on the sofa in front of some classic rom-coms. Simple to set up and guaranteed to get both of you shedding a tear, this Valentine’s Day date idea couldn’t be easier to organise. And if you do want to go the extra mile and incorporate other Valentine’s Day ideas into the evening, why not turn your living room into your very own cinema? Pick up a projector, pop some popcorn, stock the fridge with your favourite drinks and snacks and maybe even create some cute little tickets as a special keepsake.

Take a local wine crawl and watch the sunset

Sharing a bottle of wine is a nice addition to any of our Valentine’s ideas, so why not base your Valentine’s Day date around it? Head into your favourite city and take a Valentine’s Day wine trip around the local wine bars, tasting their specials or whatever the staff recommend. Step out of your comfort zone by trying blends you’ve never experienced or mix it up by choosing wine for each other. As an added treat, you can choose snacks or foods that pair well with your wine of choice. You can plan this ahead of time by reading our guide to perfect wine pairings to see what combinations take your fancy. You can then wrap this or any cute Valentine’s day date idea up by finding a quiet spot with a great view and watching the sunset.

A date night with best friends

While Valentine’s Day is usually about solely spending time with your significant other, you don’t have to spend the whole day with just the two of you. Add in an extra layer of sociability when deciding what to do on Valentine’s Day by doing a double date with your closest friends. Go for food in a fancy restaurant, explore local street markets, or just hang out at each other’s house. Valentine’s Day is all about honouring love, after all, so why not celebrate your love for your partner and best friends at the same time? For even more inspiration, be sure to check out our blog full of double date ideas.

Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas

Still struggling for the right Valentine’s Day idea after reading all those? We hear you. If you want to sweep them off their feet with something really quirky and special, try one of these unique Valentine’s Day ideas so you can surprise your significant other with an unusual but exciting activity.

Go axe throwing

Looking for something more exotic, maybe with a hint of danger to get pulses racing? Axe throwing is a fun new trend popping up in cities across the UK – find an axe throwing place near you and see which of you is better at literally burying the hatchet. Keep track of your scores for some added competition and set fun forfeits for whoever comes second. You could also make a day of this, doing axe throwing first before heading to a sports bar to try your hand at darts or pool. Have drinks throughout the day and keep the forfeits at the ready for the end of each game.

An escape room and cocktail evening

Keeping with the theme of healthy competition, another of the more unique Valentine’s Day ideas is to challenge your other half to an escape room. Complete your rooms independently and see who breaks out quicker or smash through the escape room together to see if you can set the fastest time for the day. To unwind, put your feet up in your favourite pub, bar, or coffee shop to destress. Whether it’s cocktails or coffee, you can pick each other’s minds with further brainteasers and riddles if you’re still wanting to challenge each other.

Paintballing and massages

The last of our unique Valentine’s Day ideas is one that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Forget dressing up and visiting somewhere fancy – grab your oldest coat and don your toughest boots before gearing up and stepping into the paintballing ring. Team up with your significant other to take on the enemy or stare each other down from opposite sides to see who’s the better shot. No matter the outcome, you’ll no doubt both be sore and tired when the day’s done, giving you the perfect excuse to go for a professional massage. Just book your spot in a spa or treat each other to a massage when you get home.

Hopefully at least one of our Valentine’s Day date ideas has struck a chord with you and you’re well on your way to wowing your significant other this February. But regardless of what you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, just remember that the only thing that really matters is spending time with your partner and enjoying each other’s company. If this has left you feeling all lovey-dovey, be sure to visit our blog where you can find even more romantic articles from first date dos and don’ts to proposal ideas for the big moment.