Valentine’s Day Best in Class 2023

Hello Creators!

Valentine’s Day is done and dusted for another year. We’ve seen some amazing designs going out to our wonderful customers and we wanted to share with you the best sellers from each of the thortful styles for Valentine’s Day 2023. 

Cute- Off the Leash

Probably every dog parent can relate to this, but would we change it? Absolutely not. 

Funny- Bow and Bell Designs

 Hand written style proves to be popular time after time and combined with the silly humour that our customers love has given us this best seller. 

Trending- Silky Rose

I mean, do we need to say anything more? The traitors had everyone talking and we love this design. The icon herself, Claudia even shared it to her stories. Eek. 


Cheeky- Jeffrey and Janice

Would it be a best sellers list without Jefrrey and Janice? Plus, some may say this design is pretty relatable.

Rude- Mungo and Shoddy

We’re big fans of an oodie at thortful, a few of us were gifted one this Christmas, so we were very excited to see this card on the best sellers list. 

Romantic- Art + Ace Studio

It’s simple, yet effective and it’s a timeless quote. Job well done from us.

Pretty- PMPrinted

Slightly more on the niche side, but you can’t go wrong with a pretty style for Valentine’s Day.

Team thortful