Uplifting illustrations for Mental Health Awareness Week

With Mental Health and wellbeing on our minds this week, we’ve rounded up 8 uplifting messages from some of our favourite instagram accounts right now. Add some positive vibes to your feed and give them a follow!

1. Stacie Swift

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.comstacieswift

2. Jess Rachel Sharp

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.comjessrachelsharp

3. Veronica Dearly

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.comveronicadearly

4. Bless the Messy

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.comblessthemessy

5. Artsy Affirmations

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.comartsyaffirmations

6. Nikki Miles

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.comnikkimiles_

7. Ellen Hope

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.commynames_ellen

8. Mellow Doodles

Instagram: @blog-content.thortful.commellow.doodles