The UK’s most and least romantic cities revealed

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us which means it’s nearly time for couples to just generally shower your partner with lots and lots of love. But which cities are the most romantic and ready to write out their sweet nothings in a card?

Well, we’ve used thortful’s own Valentine’s Day card sales data from 2023-2024* to see which UK cities have been buying the most and least Valentine’s cards, as well as the types of cards they’re buying.

Essentially, we’ve managed to figure out the most and least romantic cities in the UK. So, just keep reading to discover if your city managed to make our top or bottom five.

Alternatively, you might be more interested in finding out if it’s just your partner who doesn’t really do the whole card thing or whether it’s actually the same for a lot of other people in your city!

Revealed: Best and worst cities for sending Valentine’s Day cards

How about we start off with the most romantic cities where people simply can’t wait to pick up a Valentine’s Day card for their other half?

Taking the title for the most romantic city in the UK is Leeds with 6,420 cards sold there. So, if you’re in a relationship or married and happen to live around the Leeds area, you’re in luck!

Birmingham manages to claim the next spot with residents having picked up a total of 4,160 cards from our very own range. Perhaps charming words are truly the way to a Brummy’s heart?

Not too far behind is Sheffield with 3,844 of our cards having been sold to lovey-dovey people ready to celebrate February 14th over there.

Last but not least, it seems that love is very much in the air in Scotland with the last two cities to make our top five being Glasgow (3,517) and Edinburgh (3,133), respectively.

And now we move on to the cities that seemingly prefer to avoid celebrating Valentine’s Day, or at least don’t do so in the typical fashion.

It’s particularly sad news for any hopeful romantics in Middlesbrough as the chances of receiving a card from your loved one are pretty low with only 833 sold in the city.

Unfortunately, Leicester isn’t much better with just 856 cards sold to residents from the area. Moving quickly on, the remaining cities filling up our five least romantic cities are Stoke-on-Trent (1,262), Nottingham (1,463), and Southampton (1,655).

Men or women: Who’s most likely to pick up a card?

Perhaps unsurprising to many but women were revealed to be most likely to purchase one of our Valentine’s Day cards in each of the cities included in our research. Come on lads, what’s that all about?!

Looking further into this, the largest gender gap was found to be in Nottingham where only 40% of our cards sold in the city were bought by men. Meanwhile, further up north in Middlesbrough, men are much more likely to pick up a card for the special occasion with 47% of those sold being purchased by men.

What types of Valentine’s cards are Brits sending?

As anyone who’s ever gone shopping for a Valentine’s Day card will know, they can come in a range of styles. Of course, you’re guaranteed to come across lots of romantic Valentine’s cards featuring cute messaging and designs that will easily melt hearts. There are also those which are more on the funny side and will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Alternatively, you can even find rude Valentine’s Day cards which are likely to get your partner blushing.

When it comes to which city sends the most romantic and pretty cards, Belfast seems to be all about keeping it traditional and heartfelt with 33% of cards sold there falling into this category.

Meanwhile, it seems there are some particularly cheeky partners in Stoke-on-Trent as a whopping 50% of cards sold there fall under our rude or funny categories. This actually means that, according to our data, they’re the top UK city for sending funny or rude Valentine’s cards. So, let’s just hope the other person shares the same sense of humour!

And if you still haven’t picked up a card for your beloved yet, this is your official reminder to do so before the day arrives!

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*The data was taken from thortful’s Valentine’s Day card sales data for Valentine’s Day 2023 and Valentine’s Day 2024 until 25th January 2024.