thortful x NHS Charities Together

Earlier this year we raised an incredible £120,000 for NHS Charities Together. So we thought we’d share an update on how the money’s been put to good use.

Here are THREE success stories!

NHS Charities Together works with local charities across the UK to support patients by improving services, and help our NHS heroes both practically and emotionally.

As we all know, the past year has been incredibly challenging for NHS staff. NHS Charities Together’s research shows that the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health and wellbeing, with over 55% saying it’s affected their mental health.
Thanks to donations like ours, NHSCT have funded over 400 projects for staff over the last year! For example, Western Sussex Hospitals are now putting together a programme that will include Mental Health First Aider training, to help NHS staff to recognise the warning signs of mental illness in their colleagues, and staff health checks to regularly assess both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the NHS workforce.

During the pandemic, eating disorder cases have risen by 46%. To support families and patients, Oxford Hospital, with funding from NHS Charities Together, are setting up pods for families and visitors to meet their loved ones who are receiving treatment in the eating disorders inpatient unit. More private, comfortable and less clinical than standard on site visiting rooms, these pods enable visits from family and friends, which can be a vital lifeline for patients suffering from mental health disorders.

NHS Charities Together also helps local communities. One of these projects includes working with a local church to create a community garden. The aim is to support the mental health of children, young people and adults by offering therapeutic horticulture sessions. These sessions not only help to support mental health of those in the community, but they are also a lifeline for people suffering from isolation or loneliness.

These are just three examples of the work NHS Charities Together is funding with charities across the UK – but to put the scale of their work in numbers, here’s what they’ve funded to date…

148 psychological support programmes for NHS staff
The creation of 82 outdoor well-being spaces, including remembrance gardens
78 staff well-being programmes
94 programmes to create of multiple staff rest areas
42 programmes relating to digital inclusion – e.g virtual consultations or connecting isolated patients
54 programmes supporting NHS Staff disproportionately affected by Covid-19
24 programmes delivering patient support packs
34 programmes delivering practical provisions for staff at the height of the pandemic
12 Programmes to prevent isolation
11 Programmes to promote diversity
24 Programmes to address health inequalities
2 Programmes to support volunteers

You can see why we’re so happy to have contributed! So thank you, NHS Charities Together, and thank you to our amazing customers whose purchases made it possible.