This summer we’re partnering with gratitude to celebrate the hard work of our NHS staff and key workers

What is Gratitude?
Gratitude is a spectacular art installation which honours the hard work of our NHS staff and key workers for their ongoing dedication during the pandemic. The display will feature 49 unique sculptures, each one designed by national and regional artists to reflect the stories of key workers during the pandemic. The exhibition will tour around four cities in the UK: Birmingham, London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Why are thortful involved in Gratitude?
Throughout 2021, thortful has proudly supported the NHS – we’re taking part inGratitude to show our love and support for NHS staff and key workers, who have given so much in hard work and sacrifice during the coronavirus pandemic. A charity auction of the statues will take place at the end of the tour, and the proceeds will be donated to NHS Charities Together. The unique thortful sculpture has been designed by our colleague Ella Williams-Brown, one of our in-house designers. The design comprises three elements: the willow tree representing suffering, new growth and strength. The thortful bees giving thanks and gratitude to the NHS and a wildflower meadow, depicting the colours of the NHS rainbow, featuring tulips, daisies, forget-me-nots and pansies. These flowers symbolise faith, innocence, memories, courage, strength, love and thoughtful recollection.

When and where is the Gratitude exhibition?
The exhibition will launch in Birmingham on the 20th August, moving to Manchester from the 3rd September. The next stop will be Edinburgh from the 17th September, with a finale beginning on the 1st October in London.

It’s a free event, but you will need to book. Keep an eye on this link for tickets: