thortful x Emmy Lupin: The journey of a new creator

We spoke to one of our fabulous creators ‘Emmy Lupin‘ to answer some of those questions. Emmy joined us in Feb and has seen immense success with card designs so far.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your small business

I’m an illustrator from Nottingham now working from my studio space in South London. I studied advertising, and worked as an account manager in creative agencies for 5 years alongside my illustration business, and now I’ve been running Emmy Lupin Studio full time for nearly a year. I illustrate cards, prints and other stationery – always full of bold colour and pattern. I’m inspired by looking at life through a female lense, fashion and culture – I always want my illustrations to be positive and empowering. 

How did you get into designing and making cards?

I found that a lot of cards in shops can often be a bit cliché. I wanted to create some that I wanted to buy – particularly to send to my friends. I launched a range of galentines cards that celebrate friendship, other than romantic love, and they were really well received. The rest is history! 

How long have you been with thortful and what’s been the best bit about it so far?

I’ve been with thortful for 5 months. I love how easy the process is with thortful – I upload a design, and the rest is done for me. The user experience is really great, and if a card isn’t doing too well it’s really easy to swap out for a new one. Everything is super transparent from a royalties point of view – and all communication has been clear. I think the platform is a great place for alternative cards for a customer, and I’m really happy to be a part of that.

Is there anything you wish you knew when you started and do you have any tips for new creators?

I think the main thing is to not overthink things! When I started my style wasn’t polished, I had no idea what I was doing, nor did I know anyone else who was an illustrator. You learn as you go, and I think the main thing is to throw yourself in and ride the wave! There will be ups and downs, but that is the essence of being a creative / owning your own business. Just keep creating, that’s where the joy is!

What’s been your proudest design moment?

I’ve been commissioned by some big brand such as Adidas and Three, they were very proud moments! I also illustrate a lot for books, and holding my first one in my hands was an amazing feeling – there’s nothing quite like seeing your work in print. 

What do you hope to achieve going forward with thortful?

I’m working towards designing an exclusive range for thortful – I want to create cards that you can’t find anywhere else for all the fabulous people in your life. Cards you can’t wait to send.