New and Approved: thortful’s Father’s Day ad

Father’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday 19 June this year, just so you know) and it got us thinking: what are we really after when we give Dad a card?

Obviously we want him to know what he means to us. We want him to know he’s appreciated. That might be with a card that’s super sweet, or perhaps something fantastically rude. We have both.

But there’s something else… something precious… something that’s free but has to be earned. Sometimes elusive, rarely effusive, but delightfully exclusive: Dad’s approval.

So here is our new Father’s Day ad. Want to get the stamp of approval? Well you know where to buy your Father’s Day card. (From thortful.)

Good, right? If you like those, have a look at our brand new Father’s Day card collection. We do really really really nice gifts too.