Creating the ultimate bouquet for mum

Creating the ultimate bouquet for mum

Does your mum just love a fresh bouquet of flowers? If you’re wanting to add that extra touch to your Mother’s Day present this year, instead of grabbing the first pretty bunch of flowers you see, we’re going to help you create the ultimate bouquet for your mum using floriography.

Our blog tells you all you need to know about the concept, the meaning behind some of the most popular flowers, and the ultimate Mother’s Day bouquet according to experts.

What is floriography?

Never heard of the term floriography before today? Not to worry, we’re here to help clue you up. Essentially, floriography is ‘the language of flowers’. Every flower symbolises something different depending on the type of flower, the colour, or both. This adds a whole new layer to carefully picking out a bouquet for different occasions depending on what message you want to convey.

The meaning of flowers

Onto the fun part – learning about the different meanings of flowers (and there’s a lot)! Picking out flowers and creating a bouquet according to what they symbolise may take a little more time but it’s a lovely gesture that the recipient, aka mum, will appreciate. So, before you take a trip to your local florist, we’re going to talk through the meanings of some of the most popular flowers used in bouquets, from roses and lilies to carnations and tulips.


Roses are a popular choice in many bouquets thanks to their sturdy stems and gorgeous petals arranged in a distinctive shape. But what does it really mean to give someone roses?

Generally, roses symbolise love, the joy of life, and sometimes even secrecy. Although depending on the colour there are even more meanings behind roses, including:

  • Red roses – Love
  • White roses – Respect, humility, innocence, and purity
  • Yellow roses – Happiness and joy
  • Light pink roses – Admiration and sympathy
  • Dark pink roses – Gratitude
  • Burgundy roses – Beauty and innocence
  • Orange roses – Enthusiasm and passion

Did you know that the number of red roses you give to someone can also have a special message? Here’s what they mean:

  • 1 red rose – I desire you
  • 2 red roses – I love you
  • 7 red roses – Yours forever
  • 12 red roses – Eternal love
  • 1 red rose plus two buds – This must be kept secret


Often associated with weddings and funerals; lilies symbolise innocence. Sometimes referred to as a sympathy flower, it’s both an elegant and delicate choice in any bouquet. Once fully bloomed, you can truly appreciate the trumpet-like shape of the flower along with the beautiful colours and patterns of the petals.


Typically, carnations are supposed to symbolise fascination and love. Of course, the different coloured carnations can have other meanings too including:

  • Pink carnations – I’ll never forget you
  • White carnations – Sweet, innocent, and pure love
  • Yellow carnations – Disappointment and rejection
  • Purple carnations – Capriciousness
  • Red carnations – Admiration
  • Solid colour carnations – Acceptance
  • Striped carnations – Refusal


Bright and beautiful, dahlias are one of those flowers that have a striking appearance and are able to stand out on their own, along with pairing well in a bunch. Some of the meanings behind this gorgeous flower include love, devotion, beauty, and dignity.


Another popular option, tulips are a very recognisable flower which you can find in a wide range of colours, including bicolour variations. One of the meanings behind tulips is being associated with pride. This makes them a great choice when congratulating friends and family.

Calla lilies

Said to symbolise adoration and purity, calla lilies are certainly one of those flowers that stand out from the rest. Wondering which colour would fit best with the intended message behind your bouquet? Here are what different calla lily colours symbolise:

  • White calla lilies – Purity and innocence
  • Yellow calla lilies – Gratitude
  • Pink calla lilies – Appreciation and romance
  • Purple calla lilies – Royalty and admiration
  • Black calla lilies – Elegance and mystery
  • Red calla lilies – Beauty and courage

Gerbera daisies

A cheery and bold flower that livens up any bouquet, gerbera daisies are thought to symbolise innocence. Incredibly versatile, gerbera daisies look both lovely and elegant on their own or when arranged in a bouquet with other flowers.

Pincushion flowers

Part of the flower genus Scabiosa, pincushion flowers are called such due to bearing a slight resemblance to pincushions. This pretty flower is associated with love, peace, and purity so will add a lovely message to your bouquet.

The ultimate Mother’s Day bouquet according to experts

We spoke with the florist, Beth Childs, to find out what would make the ultimate Mother’s Day bouquet. Specific flowers that work well and show just how much you love and care for your mum include red roses, specifically pretty garden ones for love, white carnations for adoration, and yellow calla lilies to signify gratitude. Pincushion flowers and dahlias are other great options, as they symbolise love too.

Now that you know how to create the ultimate bouquet for your mum, you might as well check out our range of flower gifts to see which suit her best and can also be easily paired with one of our unique and wonderful Mother’s Day cards. And, if you’re feeling like spoiling your mum even more, you can read our blog on the best Mother’s Day gifts for inspiration on what else you could treat her to.