The Creator’s Creative Process

This month we caught up with the creators behind some of your favourite cards to get a look into their creative process. We chatted with Eskimo Kiss Design and Sarah Ray on designing, their inspiration and being a thortful creator. 

Eskimo Kiss Design

I uploaded my first card design to thortful in June 2016, right at the beginning, not really knowing what to expect. I’d been designing cards and personalised prints for my own website but thortful gave me the opportunity to reach a much bigger audience and it felt good to be a part of something new.

I studied graphic design at university so love using my core design and illustration skills which is why a lot of my cards are hand drawn and then scanned in and edited in Photoshop. I think this gives the card the feeling of it being a bit special as you can see it’s been illustrated by hand.

My birthday ‘Road to’ cards are my best sellers and are always a great talking point. It’s always fun to think what the next years illustration will be.

I love being a thortful creator as it gives me the opportunity to design new cards and come up with ideas all the time. Sometimes the things you think won’t work sell the most, which is why I love it.

Sarah Ray 

I use photoshop mostly and my wacom tablet to create my designs. I also sometimes use my iPad and procreate as I like some of the brushes on there and the way you can directly draw onto the screen.

I wanted to create some simple designs that had lots of personality! The Sparkle Chops idea came from wanting to draw a unicorn with attitude and quirk and ‘Sparkle Chops’ just seemed to fit it’s sassy nature.

And the Sweet Cheeks design came to me one day when my toddler was doing this exact move after a bath! I like playing with words and spend a while deciding what suits the drawing best.

I love being a thortful creator because I have lots of freedom to draw up designs at my own pace and then can leave it to the team to do the rest of the magic. Plus I know I’m in a great community of other creative folk!