Team thortful’s Things of Spring

It’s March, and March means… International Bagpipe Day*! But it also means the start of spring. As green reappears, and the temperatures rise, we have lots to get excited about.

We’ve asked around our office to see what spring things team thortful are most looking forward to. Turns out we have a few spring fanatics!

Here’s what they said

Komal is looking forward to summer being around the corner. Er hang on, that’s a summer thing, not a spring thing!

Georgie is excited for lambing season and a sea of daffodils! That’s more like it, Georgie.

Laura is looking forward to tulip season, while Sam is excited for daffodil season. Blooming spring is definitely going to be a good time for all. 

Johannes is looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, sunshine and spring flowers. What a delightful scene!

Annie is looking forward to feeling the sun beaming through the window and hitting your face after a long dark winter. That’s a particularly good one, even if we occasionally wonder if we might have turned into cats.

Ian is looking forward to being able to smell things again. Err, Ian, are you sure you don’t just have a cold?

Alena has a bunch of things to look forward to this spring. Trees are turning green, everything blossoms, it’s getting lighter and warmer but for her, the best of all is the spring bird migration. 

What about you?

Mark our words, team thortful are counting down the days until Monday 20 March and the official start of spring. What are you most looking forward to? Don’t say bagpipes, that’s too early.

Oh and don’t forget, we have quite a lot of cards which are full of the joys of spring!

* International Bagpipe Day takes place on 10 March. Please see for all your international bagpiping needs.