Celebrate being single on Valentine's Day

How to celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day

Going single on Valentine’s Day this year? We get it; being single on Valentine’s Day can suck, especially if all your friends are off celebrating it with their other half. All the love-themed decorations and incessant romance adverts can get the best of us down. (Obviously not the brilliant thortful Valentine’s Day advert though, just so we’re being clear.)

But just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about anyone other than yourself, and that means you can do whatever takes your fancy.

Want to sit and watch your favourite movies while treating yourself to that indulgent cheesecake you’ve been eyeing up? Knock yourself out! Fancy pampering yourself in relaxed silence? Research how to have an at-home spa day.

As they say, the world is your oyster – and baby, you’re the pearl. There are endless things you can do despite being single for Valentine’s. And if you love the concept of Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason you can’t still honour the celebration with your other single friends.

Single on Valentine’s Day? Make a plan!

If you know that you’re liable to mope about and feel sorry for yourself while being single on Valentine’s Day, then you need to make a plan to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Grab a notebook or pen and paper and start listing ideas of what you’d like to do but haven’t made the time for. Maybe you’ve a hobby that you used to love and want to pick back up? Perhaps there’s a town or city you’ve always wanted to visit?

Write all these single Valentine’s Day ideas down until you have a list you’re satisfied with. Then, narrow down your options to the ones you most want to do. You might have time for several single Valentine’s Day ideas, or you might prefer to do one big thing, the point is that you have a plan in mind for what you want to do.

And the best part about making a plan is that you can do it well in advance, giving yourself plenty of time to organise things and book time off, especially if you want to go somewhere with your single friends. Once it’s all planned out, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and look forward to it.


Single Valentine’s Day ideas

With planning in mind, you might already have some single Valentine’s Day ideas whirling around your head. But if you’re unsure exactly what to do, here are ten of our favourite suggestions for what to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single.

1. Hit up a museum followed by a comedy night

Given that being single for Valentine’s can be a bit depressing, what better way to lift your mood than by visiting your favourite museum in the day before heading out to a comedy night in the evening.

Sure, there might be other couples there, but comedy is a social event for everyone. Once you’ve exercised your brain by musing on which abstract painting is better, or crammed your head full of local historical knowledge, you can blow off steam with the universal language of laughter.

2. Go to your favourite local restaurant

You might think that going to a restaurant solo is the last thing you’d want to do when deciding what to do when single on Valentine’s Day. But why not? You’ll get dessert all to yourself after all.

If you’ve a particular restaurant, you just love, then there’s no reason you can’t book a table, enjoy your own company, read a book, and treat yourself to your favourite food.

3. Visit a place you’ve always wanted to visit

Don’t fancy hanging around your usual haunts when searching for what to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single? There’s no better time to go somewhere new, especially if you’ve always wanted to go there.

Rather than worrying about the fact you’re single, you can get swept up in the embrace of a brand-new bustling city or quaint country village. Of course, if you don’t want to go solo, bring a single buddy with you and make the most of any Valentine’s Day offers you spot.

4. Get out into nature

It’s old news that going out in nature offers numerous health benefits. Just a short time outdoors has been proven to lift our mood and quieten our minds.

Getting out in nature will separate you from all those Valentine’s Day promotions you want to avoid while also giving you a chance to take in the fresh air. And there’s little else in the world that can match a fantastic sunrise or sunset.

5. Treat yourself to a pampering day

This one’s for all the ladies, and gents who are so inclined. If you’d rather have a night in, then get ready for an evening of pampering? Get your spa robe and scented candles ready and prepare yourself for a full day of relaxation.

Plan your spa day the night before so you can relax the moment you step through the door. And if you don’t want to do it solo, then invite your single friends round for manicures and gossip.

6. Embrace the laziness

Can’t stomach the idea of going anywhere on Valentine’s Day? Not a problem. A classic option when looking for what to do when single on Valentine’s Day is to line up all your favourite movies or TV shows for a slovenly night in front of the big screen.

Sex and the City, Star Wars, Marvel – watch whatever you want while indulging in your favourite chocolate or snacks. If you have time in the day, you could even bake cookies or brownies beforehand so you can enjoy some tasty homemade treats.

7. Do something you love or try a new hobby

We’ve all got a hobby that we used to love but eventually had to drop. Whether it was work or a busy social life that got on the way, if you’re single for Valentine’s, then now’s as good a time as any to pick it back up.

Don’t worry about the fact you might be rusty. Our brains are like muscles; once you start flexing it, you’ll remember exactly what you’re doing. Naturally, you could also try a new hobby if you’re feeling adventurous.

8. Host a singles Valentine’s Day party

Got a couple of single friends who’ll be on their own this Valentine’s Day too? Host you’re very own Valentine’s singles party. Enjoy a meal and good company while celebrating your independence and offering support to each other. You can make this evening even funnier by getting each other funny Valentine’s gifts for single friends that can help lighten the mood and get everyone laughing.

9. Go out on the town with friends

This one can go hand in hand with hosting a Valentine’s singles party, especially if a few drinks have been downed. Dress yourselves up and hit your favourite bars, pubs, and clubs to let yourself go.

Just make sure you have your preferred hangover cure ready for the morning before you go out.

10. Cut out all social media

Ok, this is more of a bonus tip you can apply to any activity. We all know how bad social media can be for us, so if you’re worried about being single on Valentine’s Day, why punish yourself by scrolling through your newsfeed?

There’s no harm in blocking or deleting your social media apps for a day if you know it will make that day easier to get through. Plus, you’ll have far more fun enjoying your other activities without the temptation to look at your phone.


There are plenty of other ideas out there you can use to have fun while being single on Valentine’s Day. And if you’re in a relationship, you can always let your single friends know you’re thinking about them by getting them a Valentine’s card for a single friend.

In fact, you can find plenty of Valentine’s cards for single friends as well as gifts right here at thortful. Cute, rude, and all styles in-between, we’ve literally hundreds of original cards for you to choose from.

And Valentine’s isn’t the only celebration of love happening in February. You can show love to your friends by celebrating either Galentine’s (or Palentine’s) together the day before. You can find out how to celebrate with our complete guide to Galentine’s Day, as well as other articles on celebrating big occasions.