Top Secret Santa gifts under £10

Christmas is upon us, and that means it’s Secret Santa time. If you’ve ever pulled a name out of the office Secret Santa hat and immediately gone ‘who??’, this list is for you. Even if you don’t know your Secret Santa giftee other than to say an awkward hello when you’re both making a cup of tea in the kitchen, these ideas for Secret Santa gifts for him or for her will still go down a treat. And if you do know them (and you’re absolutely confident they won’t be offended) we’ve also got ideas for funny and rude Secret Santa gifts.

And best of all? We’ve kept all of our suggestions to a sensible budget. So give a gift that will be appreciated without breaking the bank, with our list of ideas for thoughtful, risqué and funny Secret Santa gifts under £10.

Funny Secret Santa gifts

Get the giggles going in the office or give your friends a much-needed laugh with one of these funny Secret Santa gifts – and give a funny card to go along with it.

Tiny Hands, £6.99

Maybe your Secret Santa giftee already has comically small hands, or they just love a good Donald Trump impression? Either way, give them a pair of these hilarious tiny hands and they’re sure to bring the laughs.

Image source: Find Me a Gift

Fixer of Everything desk sign, £7.99

For the friend who always knows how to fix things, or for the person in your office that just knows how to sort things out. This smart and official-looking desk sign is an ideal gift for an office manager who keeps the place running, or the IT guy who can instantly solve any tech issue.

Image source: IWOOT

Games for Bored Adults, £4.99

If you have a coworker that’s always out of ideas for what to do at the weekend, give them the gift of inspiration with this book, packed full of adults-only games. Perfect for pre-drinks, office icebreakers, or Christmas get-togethers.

Image source: Prezzybox

Rude Secret Santa gift ideas

If you know the recipient pretty well and you’re sure they can take a laugh, you can consider some rude Secret Santa gifts. Here are a couple of suggestions – and if you want a card to go with your present, check out our full collection of rude Christmas cards here.

Bullshit Button, £7.99

We’ve all had times where we just really felt we needed to bash this button. A great present for workmates (or if you’re really brave, your boss) or for a friend who’s just had enough.

Image source: Prezzybox

Cactus Mug, £8.99

A tongue in cheek gift for your favourite plant-lover, or a pointed present for the office Scrooge? Who you give this to is entirely up to you – but this cute little cactus mug makes a great rude Secret Santa gift all the same.

Image source: IWOOT

How to Swear around the World, £9.99

If you’ve ever considered an office swear jar for one particularly X-rated individual, this might just be the book for them. Whether you appreciate their creative cursing or not, this will at least give them something to laugh at, and something to read over Christmas.

Image source: Firebox

Secret Santa gifts for her

If you’ve got a Secret Santa recipient that you don’t know well, or if you’re just looking for some gift giving inspiration, you can’t go far wrong with some of these Secret Santa gifts for her.  

Palm reading cards, £4.99

These pretty little cards will teach you how to read palms – perfect for a friend who’s into anything spiritual or mystical. Plus, it guarantees some laughs as you all attempt to read each other’s palms and predict your futures. Hopefully your life line doesn’t predict a Christmas hangover. 

Image source: New Look

Tiled Monogram mug, £10

These pretty little tiled mugs are bang on budget and very stylish. The initial gives this gift a personalised edge, so your recipient knows you’ve put at least a little bit of thought into the present.

Image source: Anthropologie

Rapport throw, £9.99

This pretty blanket is great for adding a snuggly hygge feel to your Secret Santa’s sofa or bed. It comes in plenty of different colour options, and the sophisticated herringbone weave is smart enough to keep in the office for your office mate who’s always absolutely freezing.

Image source: IWOOT

Secret Santa gifts for him

Whether it’s one of your friends or a colleague you don’t know that well, these ideas for Secret Santa gifts for him are still sure to bring a smile to his face this Christmas.

Lager socks, £8.99

We know socks are the traditional ‘bad Christmas gift’, but funny novelty socks make great Secret Santa presents. Especially these lager socks, ideal for the friend who loves a cheeky pint after work – and they even come in a lager-style tin.

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Wallet Ninja multi-tool, £8.99

A perfect and practical gift for someone who loves their gadgets, or for anyone who’s handy in a pinch. This smart little multi-tool will fit in their wallet, and boasts a bottle opener, ruler, screwdriver, phone stand and more – and you get brownie points for 18 gifts in one.

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Personalised engraved whiskey glass, £9.99

For the man who loves a good glass of whiskey, give him a gift that shows he means business, and deters anyone else from sneaking a sip. This engraved whiskey glass is a thoughtful Secret Santa gift for any whiskey fan.

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Find Me a Gift

No matter whose name comes up in your Secret Santa ballot, we’ve got you covered with gifting inspo and some fun ideas. And if you’re looking for a card to go with your gift, head over to our full Christmas card range to see more!