5 Reasons why your card might not be uploading

Hello creators! If you’re having trouble uploading your card onto the site, it could be down to a number of simple, easy-to-fix reasons. We’ve put together a handy little checklist of things to look out for if you’re having trouble with uploading your designs. 

1. The image dimensions are too big (or too small)

To upload a design, the image file must fit our requirements. We can only accept files that are no smaller than 1772x2506px and no larger than 3544x5012px. We recommend keeping your files under 25MB. 

2. Incorrect format

Your card design must be in a PNG or JPG format only. We cannot accept designs in landscape format.

3. The crop isn’t right

The crop is vital for making sure that your card looks good and that it fits in the space provided. You’ll need to stretch the crop right to the four corners when uploading. If you don’t have enough space for your photo, try cropping it differently so that there’s more room for text or other elements of the design. Remember the shaded areas in the image will be trimmed when the design is printed.

4. Photo cards

It’s not yet possible to upload photo cards via the usual upload page. To upload a photo card, follow the link in our Photocards Do’s and Don’ts blog (it’s also worth having a read through that for some handy pointers). 


5. Slots error message

If you’re seeing an error message when trying to upload a card, it’s probably because you’ve maxed out your limit. We have limits in place to manage the quantity of uploads to the site, which you can read more about here. You can view your remaining slots in your creator dashboard. If you’re wanting more information on how slots work and why we have them, our slots blog post may be just the place for you. 

Screenshot of a creator dashboard, highlighting the slots limit.

If you have tried the above to resolve your issue but you’re still having trouble, please email the customer happiness team on [email protected]

Team thortful