Our customers love to get personal and create their own photo cards – we’re definitely seeing the demand for them increasing. Of course, as a thortful creator you’re able to submit your own photo card designs! To get started straight away, click the orange button below to upload your photo card. thortful photo cards are ever so slightly different to standard cards, however, so here’s a few things to bear in mind. 


  • Start with an exclusive design idea. Our photo card catalogue is much smaller than the main catalogue – we don’t have room for similar cards, or cards you can get from our boring competitors!
  • Design in portrait. Just like our standard cards, photo cards are portrait.
  • Use between 1–4 transparent areas. We can’t do more than four. And uh… less than one wouldn’t be a photo card.
  • Use 100% transparent areas for your photo placements. Photo cards don’t work with partial transparency. Also, the only transparent areas on your card should be for photo placements. Think: those wooden boards at the seaside where you put your face through.


  • Use transparent areas less than 200x200px. Too small!
  • Use any stock images other than ones we provide. There are better reasons to have to chat to lawyers.
  • Overlap transparent areas. Don’t cover them over with effects or semi-transparent bits.
  • Require the customer to rotate their photo. The can’t rotate their photo on the app, so don’t include, say, a character with a transparent area for the face that’s leaning at an angle.
For the full process of creating and uploading a photo card design, take a look at the step-by-step video below. 

Your photo card will be moderated as usual and added to the main site if it follows the guidelines. Otherwise, it’ll be available only from your profile. We currently only accept photo card uploads for the following categories: Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary and Christmas. 

That’s it, happy photo carding!

Team thortful x