How to take great couple pictures

How to take great couple pictures

Want to make your relationship official online or are just after a new updated picture of you both together? We know it can be tricky to take couple pictures that the two of you are happy with or come up with new ideas so you’re not always doing the same go-to poses. All you need to do is carry on reading for our top tips for taking a good photo together along with some of our picture ideas.

Tips for taking couple pictures

Maybe you’ve figured out how you’re both going to pose but need some last-minute support so that it all goes to plan and you don’t spend ages trying to get it right. If so, here are three of our top tips for taking great couple pictures:

1. Don’t hog the camera

Now it’s pretty much common sense that it would be entirely unfair for you to frame the camera so that only one of you can be properly seen (unless you’re doing this on purpose, of course). Next time you’re taking a picture or selfie quickly double-check that the angle means that both of your gorgeous faces can be seen equally.

2. Try not to use filters on every picture

As with any picture, filters and editing may be fun every now and then but you don’t want every picture you have together to be overlayed with a filter. After all, you’re more likely to compile an album with natural unfiltered pictures of the two of you, right?

3. There’s no need to be too shy

You might not be the most extroverted person but that doesn’t matter when you’ve got your partner by your side to give you that extra confidence boost. Even if you’re in a crowded space no one is really going to judge you for taking a few nice pictures together.

Cute picture ideas for couples

Let your picture do the talking and convey just how deeply you love one another with our cute picture ideas for couples. You could even pick out your favourite and include it on one of our Valentine’s Day photo cards for your special someone.

Get out and explore together

Do you both love exploring the world together? Snap all the memories you like next time you’re both on a trip whether it’s just for a day or a longer break. Think things like the typical hand picture where one of you is leading the way with a stunning location in the back or a quick snap of you both at the airport, on a boat, in the car (although not distracting the driver of course) or whatever else you’re able to get up to.

Shadowy silhouette

First things first, you’re going to need the right sort of lighting for this one. Once you’ve hunted down the location – make sure to pick somewhere outside that won’t be completely pitch black – it’s time to capture your pic. To take the best silhouette pic, you’ll need the sun to be low in the sky which is when it’s either rising or setting then you just need to make sure you can create enough definition between you both and the background. Some poses for this type of shot might include standing side by side holding hands or a light peck on the lips.

Fun picture ideas for couples

Life’s all about having fun and there’s no one better to have a laugh with than your partner. If neither of you are big fans of PDA, you can still become #relationshipgoals thanks to our fun picture ideas for couples:

Visit a photobooth

Photobooths are always a fun time, especially with your favourite person! Simply go and find your local photobooth, plan out your playful poses beforehand, squeeze inside and wait for the countdown. Not only do you get a lovely little print version of your photobooth snaps, but a lot of times you can download them on your phone or easily scan them onto your computer. It also saves you the job of trying to find the best lighting and background or fussing over angles. In fact, why not make it a thing and start going in all the photobooths you see together and building a lovely little collection of strips?

Dance around together

Either set your camera on a timer or record a video that you can take screenshots of later and just start dancing around together. Have a mini dance party at home or find a quiet spot outside. Don’t worry about looking silly either, the bigger the movements the better it’ll look on camera and the brighter you’re facial expressions will be too.

Festive Christmas tree picture

Start a new festive tradition and snap a picture in front of a Christmas tree in the jolly month of December! Whether you’re out and about and see a giant tree lit up with beautiful lights and decorations or prefer to stick with your own humble one at home, a picture of you both by a Christmas tree would look amazing on the front of one of our Christmas photo cards.

Couple selfie ideas

But first… let me take a selfie! A 21st-century photo trend, the best way to capture the moment is by quickly whipping out one of your phones and grabbing a selfie. Nowadays, phone cameras are about as high quality as you would ever need for basic photography so unless you’ve not upgraded your phone in the last decade then these adorable couple selfie ideas are something you can easily do anytime, anywhere.

Mirror selfie

All dressed up for a night out? Don’t let the time and effort you put into getting ready go to waste and pull your partner in front of a mirror for a selfie. Take as many as you like, there’s nothing wrong with being fashionably late thanks to a mini photoshoot. Plus, a mirror selfie is ideal for showing off all your favourite outfits too.

Back hug

On the same level of adorableness as forehead kisses, get your partner to give you a back hug whilst giving the camera a cheesy grin. Alternatively, if you want to make it extra charming you can add a little kiss on the cheek as well. A casual selfie pose that you can take anyway and really highlights how cute you are together!

Now you’ve got all the ideas for taking lovely couple pictures together, you could even add it onto one of our personalised photo cards for whatever upcoming event you’re celebrating. And if you enjoyed reading this, we’ve got plenty more inspiration that you can find over on the thortful blog that will help you whatever the special occasion.