Photography with Becky Wood

Ahh, photography, you elusive beast. But wait, what’s this? An informative, inspiring interview with photographer Becky Wood? Yes please.

Scroll on, dear reader, and you’ll be happy snapping in no time.


What sparked your interest in photography?

I did a tiny bit of photography at university during a fashion marketing degree but I hadn’t really done much with my camera and it was gathering dust at the back of the cupboard. But during covid I was creatively burning out in my corporate job and was looking for an outlet I could do alone, mostly in the garden during those long isolation periods and I found photography! I loved the idea of creating art from the everyday but as I’ve developed my skills I’ve realised there’s so much more to it than that! 

What types of photography do you specialise in, and what draws you to that style?

So I now specialise in branding photography and portraits for female business owners who are ready to show up and own it. Nowadays people buy from humans and are looking to lean into what’s real and authentic more and more. So getting your face in your marketing and on your website asap is a great way of building that trust with customers. 

I was drawn to female business owners because I feel like they are the silent and uncelebrated. They work hard and it often isn’t recognised because they are so caught up in all the other hats they have to wear: wife, mother, care giver etc. With branding photography I like to incorporate confidence building and empowerment into the sessions so that every single person I work with leaves their shoot with a positive memory of having their photos taken well before they even see the final product. I’ve watched people bloom in front of the camera, walk in a terrified mouse and walk out about 2 foot taller because they are feeling themselves. And telling that story, showing them their confident, fun, beautiful side of them through photos is one of the most rewarding things in the world. 

Could you describe a project you're particularly proud of? What was the concept behind it?

It would be unfair to describe any client as a ‘project’ but the thing I am most proud about is the experience that I create for my clients. So many people can get caught up in photography trends and final products but that’s not really what I’m all about. My mission is to make every woman that stands in front of my camera feel cared for, seen, comfortable and to get them into a creative headspace where they are bringing the energy to the shoot. And if they shed a happy tear when they see their gallery that’s a secret bonus for me. But I am so proud when I get messages like ‘I’ve been walking taller since our shoot’ and ‘I feel so great about our shoot and the pictures reflect that’ and when a client comes back for a second shoot! I know that I have given them a product useful for their business but also held space for them to be really seen.

Could you walk us through your creative process?

My biggest priority when shooting with a client is to make them feel comfortable. After the shoot date is set, we have a planning call, we firm up the logistical details (locations, props, outfits, timings etc) and then we chat about the fun. How can we throw the rulebook out the window and just have a giggle or incorporate some great cake, or do something weird. I’ve had many a whatsapp message about sparkly cowgirl boots, floaty dresses and jumping in rivers and I am here for that energy. The more excited my client is about their shoot, the more they will show up and throw their inhibitions out the window. Once they are comfy enough to start trying things and contributing ideas, the whole shoot becomes this incredible collaboration and you get magical, personality filled images that they will love. It’s not uncommon for them to get a big rush of emotion at being ‘seen’ for the first time. Candidly, unposed and just as their true selves. That’s the end goal of the shoot.

What is your favorite subject to photograph, and why?

People. I love people and the stories you can tell around them. I also do street photography and wedding photography because I love to tell stories and capture people truly candidly. There’s an artform into telling a story from a candid image as much as it is to take one person in front of you and capture their true self as if the camera was never there. 

Which cameras and equipment do you prefer to use, and why?

I’m a Canon kind of gal! I shoot on the R6 Mkii, mostly on a 35mm lens because I love to get close to the person I’m photographing so we can have a great chat at the same time! It makes them feel much more comfortable particularly as I shoot on the streets a lot and it’s pretty impractical to be standing miles away! I periodically play with prisms and cellophane and fun tricks of the trade to get exciting texture to my images as well. 

How do you stay inspired and keep your photography fresh and innovative?

My community keep me fresh. We play together, I am part of the wild women community and often go to play days where we practice shooting on each other, try out weird, wild and wonderful ideas and try new techniques. Learning from your community is everything.

What do you think makes a photograph stand out from the rest?

The joy. Every single session I do, the person I’m photographing has a set of images that just show their candid joy. A real smile, a true reflection of their personality. They are vibrant and taking up space as the centre of attention in the image which is often a complete contrast to their everyday life. 

Which platforms do you find most effective for showcasing your work?

I show up in Instagram stories a lot and have some great chats there but I mostly put energy into my website and my email newsletter. I like to think that the people I am writing to are friends of mine and then it makes communicating with them a whole lot easier. 

What are your long-term goals as a photographer? Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I want to be the go to person for photographic transformations. I want women booking me because they are excited about having that space held for them and I would love to offer, alongside the practical branding photography, a place that people can have an empowerment session just for them if they wanted to. Nothing about good angles, smoke and mirrors, just raw, creative, excited joy. I’d also love to travel internationally and work with people all over the world.

What is your biggest piece of advice to those that want to get into photography?

Shoot so much that you truly realise what you love to do and hone it. I shot everything when I started and I never really felt the need to niche down until my niche found me. Let that thing that lights you up consume you and then lean into that hard. The more you shoot, the more you realise what makes you stand out and then the business pathway becomes clearer.

Well, we certainly feel like photography isn’t as scary as we first thought, don’t you? A huge thank you to Becky for sitting down with us. You can follow Becky on Instagram here and you can shop Becky’s card range here

Now, time to crack out the old Kodak. We’ll be on National Geographic in no time…

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