Paws for thortful: our pet project

Rumour has it the best place to go when you’re having a hard day at the office is the #pets section of our office chat. This is where team thortful keeps ourselves updated on the trials and tribulations of our fluffier colleagues. (We only say fluffier because no-one has a snake, yet.) 

We’ve rounded up the regular cast members so you can know who’s doing the real work in this company.

Every week we eagerly await the update on where Smokey has chosen to sleep. Productivity is a priority for Smokey, so sleeping locations tend to be close to a keyboard.

Domino is our Director of Flowers, Cuddles, and Toy Doughnuts, keeping us informed with regular reports on all three.

Daisy is everyones favourite member of Customer Happiness. Here she is considering how best to help a customer with a question about postage costs. Good work, Daisy.

Dukey is eagerly waiting for summer months, not just for more gelato, but also because he is passionate about the out-of-peak-season Q3 trading and revenue reports.

Working closely with our colleague Ella, here are Poppy, Tilly, Griffin & Flora, Mia, and Raffi. Thanks to remote working technologies, they feel happy that their satellite office is a fully integrated part of the team.

Ella also works with a couple of freelancers (i.e., they’re the neighbour’s.)

Gigi is a stickler for proper time management, here protecting the backpack that Aleesha might use to leave the house.

Hope is hoping for some sunshine, as well as looking for efficiency improvements in our supply chain.

Jeff is the most enigmatic member of the CRM team, pictured here brainstorming innovative approaches to customer retention.

Milo here, with a quick reminder to consider how urgency messaging might vary across all stages of the customer funnel.

And of course, we’d be nothing without our diligent warehouse team, managed by Jasmin. They’ll go the extra mile to get late orders delivered on time, especially if it means chasing the postie. 

That’s our pets, but we’re always keen to see more. Drop us a photo or two! The address, as ever, is [email protected].