Hello creators. We want to let you know about a few changes we’re going to make to our catalogue, ultimately to make it work better for us and for you. 

As we’ve grown over the years, so has our catalogue. At this point, it’s starting to get a bit unwieldy. For creators like yourself, it’s quite hard to stand out from the crowd. And for customers, there’s just too many cards to look through, with some of the gems getting a bit lost. 

So we’re starting to curate our catalogue a little more carefully, to make sure everything in there is as wonderful as our customers expect from us and our creators. This will involve delisting some cards so they no longer appear when you search or browse thortful. We also want to give better visibility to designs with the best potential to sell. 

How are we deciding which cards to delist?

First we’ll be focusing on sales, and then relevancy. There are some cards which have low sales, and some cards which reference pop culture events that have been and gone. For example, no-one’s buying Donald Trump ‘covfefe’ cards any more. 

Next we’ll look at design quality, particularly at how the design will look when printed, whether or not the text is readable, and so on. We have another blog post on where you can read more about the kinds of designs we no longer approve. 

We are also looking at theme saturation, and reducing the number of cards with identical captions and very similar designs – remember though that we’re not looking to delist cards that are selling. 

Our criteria for delisting will be evolving over time, but we hope you can agree that the above examples are quite obvious candidates for cards we can delist to improve the quality and focus of the catalogue. 

What happens if my card is delisted?

Firstly, it may be that your card sells well on other platforms – it might just be that it’s not right for thortful customers

Even if we do delist a card, it will still be available to buy from your profile. You can direct customers from social media and elsewhere to your profile and they can buy from there. 

Alternatively you may wish to remove the card, free up the slot, and try out a new design with an eye to maximising sales. 

That's it

We hope that this doesn’t sound scary. We don’t think it is – we’re definitely not delisting any cards which sell and look great – but if you do have questions, please do contact us: [email protected]