Opportunity alert! How you can tackle hobbies, pt 1

Hello creators,

We’re back with another brief to help you maximise your thortful sales. If you’ve been keeping up with our creator newsletters, you’ll know that we’ve committed to sharing monthly briefs with you to highlight gaps in the thortful catalogue, giving you a heads up on less competitive spaces and providing you with insights on the designs we’re currently looking for.

This month we’re talking about hobbies. We know that our customers love a card that feels personal to the recipient and their interests, yet our current card range really under-serves in this category. This brief explores different hobbies and should provide you with food for thought as you expand your range.


As always these briefs are exclusive to thortful creators. Log in to your account and find your password at the top of your dashboard. Any issues, just let us know at [email protected].

Happy creating!

Team thortful x