Team thortful office resolutions

It’s a new year! 2023, in case you weren’t aware. That means it’s time for us to fully reinvent ourselves (ha) and promise we’ll overcome our worst habits (sure).

Here at thortful we take New Year’s very seriously, so we thought we’d share a few of our resolutions for 2023.

Get outside more

Elly from the Ops Team wants to go and explore more green spaces. For fitness? No. She wants to meet more dogs because that always makes her happy.

Honestly, we think this this is a resolution we should probably all follow.

Pictured, Elly’s mum’s dog whom she misses very much.

Drink more water

Tasha from the Design Team and Louise from the CRM Team both have the resolution to drink more water.

Yep, with these water bottles they’ll be sure to achieve it. Might build some muscle lugging them about, too.

Buy less stuff

Ameera from the Customer Happiness Team wants to stop buying so many random things from TikTok videos.

If you’re a viral video victim, raise your hand! It’ll keep it away from your phone.

Drink fewer fizzy drinks

On the trend of drinking healthier drinks, Harry from the Creator Team wants to drink fewer fizzy drinks.

We think he might be having a hard time with this one.

Stop oversharing pet photos

Aleesha from the CRM Team wants to share fewer photos of her cat. We get it already. The cat is super cute.

Does this count as breaking the resolution already?

Crochet more

Since we’re in the midst of winter weather, Melissa from the Product Team wants to start crocheting more.

By this time next year we expect all of Team thortful to be rocking new crocheted hats. Or at least a bit of a scarf.