Yet another year done and dusted! As we head into January and a new year, there’s no better way to start it off right than grabbing your family and friends a sweet gift. Below we’ve done the work for you and compiled an array of great New Year gift ideas for all the important people in your life.

New Year gifts for girlfriend

Spoil your girl as you mean to go on and treat her to a gift to mark the start of a new year. No idea what to get? No problem, just take a peek at some of our suggestions for some thoughtful New Year gifts for your girlfriend.

A diary

A diary

For the girl who likes to remember every little moment, don’t let her forget and buy her a diary at the start of the year so she can document her favourite parts of each and every day. Just think of all the memories she can reflect on by the end of the year!

And for extra privacy, you might want to get one with a lock so that she can be sure that all her secrets will stay hidden. After all, it’s nobody else’s business what’s written in the diary.

Luxury skincare set

Perhaps your girlfriend has set herself a New Year resolution of following a full morning and evening skincare routine each and every day. Well, a luxury skincare set is one way you can make sure she sticks to it, and a lovely treat from her partner too, of course. If she’s feeling extra generous, she might even let you use some and have a pamper day together meaning you both can have gorgeous and glowy skin.

Fluffy slippers

If your girlfriend seems forever cold, then a lovely fluffy pair of slippers is going to make her very happy as she enters the next year with nice warm feet. Just remember to get her size right and you’re onto a winner! Now she’ll never complain about her feet being cold again.

New Year gifts for boyfriend

Now onto the boyfriends, so time to listen up girls! If you want to make your man feel extra special and celebrate heading into a new year together, here are some of our new year gift ideas for boyfriends.

Over-ear headphones

Less easy to lose than those pesky wireless earbuds, a pair of over-ear headphones are a worthwhile investment for the guy who is always listening to music or watching something on his phone. The only problem now is getting his attention when he’s jamming out!


New trainers

Whilst it’s definitely not always the case, you might have noticed that your boyfriend practically lives in the same pair of trainers to the point where they look pretty rundown and past the point of return. So, be sure he has some fresh kicks to break in this upcoming year and grab him a pair of new trainers from his favourite brand.

A crate of beer

Not every present has to cost loads of money and we know he’ll still be massively grateful to receive a crate of his favourite beer which he can drink up to ring in the new year. Who knows, he might even be up for sharing with you if you’re lucky!

New Year gifts for family

You can’t forget about your family when buying some New Year gifts whether that’s the parents, grandparents, siblings or anyone else. For a little bit of inspo, have a look at what we’d pick.

Smart home device

Smart home device

Level up the family home with a smart home system like an Alexa or Google Nest. Play some music to have in the background whilst you’re working from home or use it to set a timer when you’re cooking, it’s an extremely useful New Year gift that the whole family will appreciate.

Meal kit subscription

Head into the next year with top-quality ingredients in your kitchen so you can cook up some extra delicious meals and sign your household up to a meal kit subscription. Plus, a subscription service like this gives your family the chance to try out some new recipes and improve your chef skills.

Charging station

Do all the plugs in the living room seem to be taken up quickly when the entire family is around? A charging station is just the thing you need and means that you no longer have to fight over who has the least amount of battery.

Small New Year gift ideas

Of course, New Year’s isn’t exactly known for being a present-worthy celebration in the same way as a birthday as well as falling right after Christmas so you might not want to splash too much cash. So, if you’re after some thrifty and budget New Year gifts for friends or other loved ones that are less than £10, here are some we’ve found.Calendar

A shiny new calendar

A cheaper alternative to a full-blown planner, a calendar is a great New Year present which will help your loved one keep up with all their exciting plans throughout the year! Plus, it means they’ve got no excuse for forgetting about your birthday this year since they can easily note it down.

What’s more, since there are so many different calendars available in the shops, you’ll most definitely find one that you think represents them best whether that’s their celeb crush, adorable animals, or beloved football team.

Adult colouring book

For those days when they’re bored with nothing to do or evenings when they can’t settle down properly, a colouring book is the perfect way to relax the mind and unwind. Not just for kids, it’s really not hard to find a great colouring book suitable for adults featuring some absolutely gorgeous artwork inside!

A giant bag of pick n mix

A classic present for practically every occasion is some yummy sweets, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing something a little different for new year’s and instead putting together a bag of pick n mix which includes all their favourite goodies.

Now you’ve hopefully figured out a present, don’t forget to pair your gift with one of our wonderful New Year cards. And if you need future gift inspiration then you can find a whole bunch of other gift guides on the thortful blog.