Meet our little creators!

In celebration of Children’s Art Week,  we teamed up with Spread a Smile,  a lovely charity who bring joy, laughter positive memories to seriously ill children and their families during long hospital stays.

We asked these children to design us a card to someone they are missing, while they can’t see them through lockdown during hospital stays. Over the past 3 weeks we have been receiving amazing entries from children across the UK. Our talented team of creators have turned the children’s drawings into card designs that are available to buy here.

Here’s a round up of our card collection, a little more about our talented young creators and some behind the scenes footage!



Amber is 10 years old and designed her first card (peanut butter and jelly) for her brother who she is missing while staying up in London for radiotherapy treatment.

Amber also created a second design, which is made for her friends as she has been missing giving them cuddles during lockdown and missing seeing them while she is up in London having treatment.

Lisa Greener’s design process for one of Amber’s cards

Jess is 6 years old and designed this card for her family.

Mikayla, 10, is the sister of Angel and she has made this card for her grandparents. Angel is undergoing treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Because of Angel’s condition, the whole family are continuing to isolate, which means Mikayla isn’t seeing her grandparents and other family members at this time.