With Father’s Day fast approaching, we’ve asked team thortful to share the best thing their Dads taught them.

Not to brag, but team thortful have some superior cooking abilities – and they’ve got their Dads to thank for that! Laura’s Dad (AKA the next Gordon Ramsay) taught her how to cook 10/10 scrambled eggs. Maria’s Dad taught her how to use her leftover groceries to make a “sausage surprise,” which we’re assured tastes nicer than it sounds.

Maria and her Dad

But most wholesomely of all, Katherine’s Dad put together a tutorial for her on how to bake baguettes after picking up bread-making later in life.

Dads also shared with us their essential knowledge. Johannes came in with a classic, riding a bike, while Star took it one more level with her Dad teaching her how to parallel park. And with the transportation theme, Alena’s dad reigns supreme by teaching her how to kayak and canoe.

Star and her Dad

On the watery theme – Kirsty’s Dad taught her that there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing, and that nearly every ailment she complains about is probably due to not drinking enough water.

Kirsty and her Dad

Anna’s dad taught her the most essential skill of all: tying her shoes. Ameera is a DIY queen thanks to her Dad teaching her things like spackling, painting, and putting up shelves.

We definitely have some absolutely electric Dads about, with Alfie’s Dad who taught him how to rewire a plug! And now, thanks to Luke’s Dad, we all now know how to tidy an extension lead into a neatly looped pile. (You have to do a little twist with your finger and thumb on each loop.) And Felipe’s Dad is the reason he knows how to crimple network cables and how they work. Very cool!

Luke and his Dad

Dads taught us the most fascinating things. Aleesha has her Dad to thank for teaching her the 6 multiplication table – a niche choice, but a good one nonetheless. Elly will never miss a train now that her Dad taught her how to work out which platform a train is leaving from before it gets announced. And Abi can travel in style after her Dad taught her how to find the best holiday deals online.

Where would we be without Dads, eh? Say a big ol’ thank you to the main man in your life this Father’s Day, for everything they’ve taught us – big or small.