Into the workspace with… Simply Katy

Hello creators! When it comes to our creator community, we’re always curious as to how you do what you do. This time, our curiosity got the better of us, and we wanted to see where our creators work and bring their design ideas to life. So, welcome to our Into the workspace with…series! 

Tell us about your studio

My studio space is my happy place. Whenever I am in my studio, I feel content and at peace. I think that it’s really important to have an environment where you can feel fully relaxed and allow yourself to get into a creative flow. In my studio I like to surround myself with a few plants and inspirational books, but other than that I like to keep my space quite clean and simple. 

How often are you in your studio?

I work in my studio space most days; my usual working week is from Monday- Friday. However sometimes if I am feeling inspired, I will also work on the weekends. Although, I am trying my best to take breaks away as I feel like when I come back to my studio I feel more refreshed and energised.

What do you keep in your workspace for inspiration?

Most of my art is inspired by my personal experiences and places I have travelled to. So, I like to keep some photo albums and document my trips in sketchbooks to help keep me inspired. I do also like to have a range of different books to source my inspiration from. My favourite one is the ‘Pretty City New York’ book, I usually have a flick through to keep me inspired. I also love to be surrounded by plants as I am currently trying to add more nature into my work. So, it’s nice to have them surrounding me to remind me to add those details into my projects. 

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on my Christmas collection, which is going to be travel-inspired this year. I am planning on illustrating a range of different cities inside snow globes. It does seem a little strange working on this project at the moment as we currently have quite warm weather for the UK. 

You can find Simply Katy on Instagram – @simply_katy and on thortful

Join us next time for another creator’s studio tour! 

Team thortful