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Into the workspace with… Oh, Laura

Hello creators! We like to be curious when it comes to our creator community. Recently, our curiosity got the better of us. We wanted to see where our creators work and bring their design ideas to life. And so, our new series Into the workspace with… is born!

This time, we take a dive into Oh, Laura’s creation station.

Hey Laura! Tell us about your studio.

My studio is based in a building that was an old steelworks office. It’s got some really interesting architecture and original features that make it a great place to be creative! I share it with one of my best friends who also runs her own business. We’ve filled it with lots of fun artwork and pink furniture!

Into the workspace with oh laura and her desk

How often are you in your studio?

I’m in the studio usually three or four days a week. I find it helps me keep a good work/life balance as I work while I’m there, but then lock the door and leave it all behind when I go home (to an extent anyway!).

Into the workspace with oh, Laura. Laura writing in her notebook

What do you keep in your work space for inspiration?

So much stuff! Some art from other small businesses, lots of fun stationery, gifts and cards from friends, which all inspire me. I like to have things in the studio that I’m drawn to without having any specific goal for how it should all look because it all mixes together and sometimes sparks something exciting and new in my brain!

What are you working on right now?

I’ve just designed some new stationery which I’ll be launching throughout the rest of 2023. Now that’s all done, I’m updating my entire card range to cover more occasions and to bring some designs more up to date with my current look and style. It’s a pretty big job and I expect it won’t be done until next year, but I’m enjoying revisiting some old designs and seeing how far I’ve come with my brand!

Into the workspace. Laura's stationery collection

You can find Oh, Laura on Instagram – @ohlaurahq – and see how her feed matches her studio pretty wonderfully.

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