Into the workspace with… Fab Gab Cards

Whether you need to be cosy, focused, or inspired, a Creator’s workspace is their safe haven. We caught up with Gabriella from Fab Gab Cards to have a behind-the-scenes tour of their workspace!

And we must say, it’s an absolutely gorgeous one.

Tell us about your studio

It’s the happiest of little corners in my Yorkshire bedroom, filled with colourful crates, prints and books! My checkerboard desk sits opposite the window underneath a disco ball, so I’m looking out at natural light all day which brings me so much joy. 


How often are you in your studio?

The beginning of this year saw me go full time with my business, so I’m here everyday. I try to take weekends off, but I love what I do so much it doesn’t feel like work a lot of the time. I’m such a night owl too, so you’ll often catch me with my candle lit, Heart radio on, working away. 

What do you keep in your work space for inspiration?

Many books! I love a photography or graphic design book. My current favourite is Colour Clash which is filled with graphic design colour palettes and print designs. They help inspire me to figure out the layout of a new card or print design. I also have artworks by other creatives who motivate me and bring brightness to my space. 

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently freelancing on running Pinterest accounts for other creatives, as well as designing new cards for Mother’s Day and general occasions. My newest collection is an idea I’ve had in my notes for a long time and I’ve finally figured out how it will look, which is exciting.

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Join us next time when another Creator invites us into their workspace. 

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