International Gin and Tonic Day

International Gin and Tonic day gift ideas

A classic G&T is the go-to drink for many – so much so that UK gin sales surpassed £2 billion in 2019. This simple but sophisticated cocktail is a favourite for all seasons – so it makes sense that there’s now an International Gin and Tonic Day to celebrate the delicious combination of aromatic, botanical gins and bitter-but-refreshing tonic water.

October 19th is the chosen day – so kick back, pour yourself a G&T, and celebrate this most sparkling of days (and the gin and/or tonic lover in your life) with our guide to fantastic (should that be… gintastic?) guide to G&T-inspired gifts. And if you’re looking for a card for the gin lover in your life, we have a delicious tasting menu of cards that pair well with our selection of gifts –or you can check out our selection of hundreds right here.

International Gin Day

The history of gin and tonic

To celebrate Inertnational Gin and Tonic Day, let’s enjoy a little history lesson on the storied past of this beloved drink. Gin and tonics might be all the rage nowadays, but did you know they actually date back to the days of the East India Trading Company in the 1700s?

In India and other tropical countries, malaria was a constant issue for British soldiers and officers – and the traditional cure was the medication quinine, which was drunk in tonic water. The bitter taste was too much for the British officers – so they used their gin rations to make a sweeter concoction with water, sugar, and lime. Hey presto – the gin and tonic was born! Tonic water today doesn’t have as much quinine, but it’s still as refreshing… even if it’s harder to argue the medicinal benefits.

Gin and tonic gift ideas

When it comes to finding a present for a G&T fan, you’re in luck – it’s a drink that can be accessorised in plenty of different ways. From personalised glasses to tasting sets and botanicals to boost the flavour, here are some of our favourites.

Personalised G&T glass

Give your gin-loving friend or loved one a gift that will make them think of you every time they enjoy their favourite drink with a personalised G&T balloon glass. This delicate engraved gin and tonic glass from the Personalised Gifts Shop is a great pick – and also lets everyone know to keep their mitts off their glass.

A personalised Gin and Tonic glass

Pairs well with these charming cards…

G&T infusions kit

Boost the botanical beauty of your gin and tonic with this G&T garnish kit from The Food Market – a great gift for the gin lover who’s already got a fine selection of different spirits and is looking for a way to mix it up a little. If you’re looking for a way to mark International Gin and Tonic day, this set of 12 spices, herbs and infusions will be the gift that keeps giving.

Botanical Tasting Kit

Pairs well with these delightful cards…

Gin and tonic tasting set

Looking to do some taste testing to celebrate International Gin and Tonic day?

Celebrate with a gift selection of your favourite gins – there are plenty of variants, from pink gin to small-batch runs from your favourite distillery. Or if you’re looking for something fun, there are dozens of gin liqueurs in inventive flavours available. There are some delicious sweet-shop variants, from parma violet infused gins to rhubarb and custard flavoured liqueurs.

Or if you’re gifting, let them use their favourite brand of gin, and see how they pair with a selection of delicious tonics. Step up their gin game, with this classy Scottish tonic tasting set from Craft 56. from a fresh Mint & Cucumber tonic to a tangy raspberry tonic with Scottish raspberries.

Tonic selection tasting set

Pairs well with these pretty G&T themed cards…

Whether you want to say happy birthday or just hello to the botanical fanatical in your life, pick one of our ginuinely (sorry) gift ideas, and pair with a deliciously crisp card from our range of gin-tastic cards (sorry again) for all occasions. Alternatively, for more themed gift ideas, head on over to our blog!