How to wrap presents like a pro

Finding the perfect present for a friend, partner or loved one is easy, especially when we have a wide range of amazing gifts available right here at thortful. All you have to do is choose one that you know they’ll adore, and you’re good to go… but what about wrapping it? So many people find wrapping presents difficult and it can often end in disaster. From messy edges and accidental rips to putting the tag in the wrong place and dropping glitter everywhere, multiple things can go wrong with what seems like a straightforward task. That’s why the gift experts here at thortful have put together some top tips on how to wrap presents like a pro. As well as making your life easier, we guarantee the lucky people receiving the gifts will be over the moon.

Choose the perfect gift

Before you start wrapping, you need to choose a lovely present. If you know someone who’s passionate about real ale, treat them to beer and a card. Or maybe they’re well-known for having a sweet tooth? In that case, check out our range of chocolate cards. If they enjoy a glass of vino, we suggest wine and a card or fizz and a card. And then there are those who truly appreciate pleasing scents filling their home, in which case you can’t go wrong with a candle and a card.

Now that the present is sorted, let’s take a look at how to wrap a gift so that it looks absolutely fabulous.

Pick the perfect paper

It can be tempting to just use any old wrapping paper, especially when it’s the cheapest one available. However, gift wrap can vary in terms of strength, with the thicker types making it much easier to wrap a present without the paper tearing or going all crinkly where it should be nice and smooth. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on gift wrap, just make sure to buy a roll that’s of a decent quality. If you’re a gift-wrapping genius, you probably wouldn’t be reading a guide on how to wrap presents, so we’re going to assume you need all the help you can get.

When you’re choosing the wrapping paper, it’s also worth taking your time choosing the pattern, as this can make a huge difference to the recipient’s reaction. For instance, if your mum loves gardening, a floral motif will go down a treat. And for the sake of your loved one’s vacuums, make sure the wrapping paper you pick doesn’t shed glitter like an overexcited unicorn – there’s nothing worse than needing to drag out the hoover on Christmas morning because there’s glitter on everything in sight.

What you’ll need to wrap a present

Okay, here we go, this is what you came here for. Are you ready to find out the best way to wrap presents? Let’s get cracking!

First off, you’ll need a few things at hand in order to wrap a present perfectly on your first attempt:

  • Wrapping paper (duh!)
  • Good, sharp scissors
  • Transparent sticky tape
  • Gift tags
  • Ribbons and bows (optional)

To make things easier, find a large, flat, clean and level surface that provides plenty of room to wrap the presents. It’s also a good idea to give yourself enough time to do it properly, so pop on your favourite Christmas tunes and make an afternoon of it.

Protect fragile items before wrapping

There’s no point in us telling you how to wrap a present if it ends up getting smashed in the process. If the gift is fragile, such as glassware or a bottle of wine, it’s crucial that you protect it before you wrap it up. Whether that’s with bubble-wrap or by using gift-wrap, keeping your precious present from arriving broken is priority number one.

In fact, when you’re learning how to wrap presents like a pro, the biggest hack we can give you is this: wrap your present in tissue paper (the decorative kind, not toilet roll) and then carefully place it in a gift box. Aside from preventing the item from becoming damaged, the box shape also makes it SO much easier to wrap.

Measure the wrapping paper

A schoolboy error is to just guess how much wrapping paper you’ll need, cut it off the roll, and then realise it’s an inch too short to wrap the present in your hands. This can also result in you wasting good wrapping paper, so it’s essential that you measure it first.

To do this, roll out the wrapping paper and place the gift upside down in the centre – this way, the seams of the wrapping paper will be at the bottom of the gift once wrapped.

Next, gently move the end of the roll over the gift to the opposite edge, allowing enough surplus to ensure the gift will be fully covered. Cut the paper slowly to prevent a jagged edge and you’ll now have the right amount of paper to wrap the present.

Stick the wrapping paper to the gift

In order for the rest of the gift wrapping process to go smoothly, cut a couple of small pieces of sticky tape and use them to secure one edge of the wrapping paper to the gift. Make sure this is done near the centre of the bottom of the gift so that the seam won’t be visible when you’re finished.

Fold the paper over the gift

Bring the rest of the paper over the gift so that it slightly overlaps the edge that’s been secured to the bottom. Check that everything is tight and even, then use sticky tape to secure the second edge to the first. The gift should now be covered by wrapping paper, so we just need to tidy it all up.

Seal the sides

One side at a time, fold down the top flap onto the surface of the gift, which should result in two wings of paper sticking out. Carefully fold and flatten these wings against the gift, then fold the remaining triangle of paper up and over the rest.

Grab your good old sticky tape and secure the flaps together. Repeat this process with the other side and the gift should now be fully wrapped.

Add some decoration

Now we’ve told you how to wrap a gift, it’s time for the finishing touches. Stand the present upright and add as much or as little decoration as you like. A gift tag is definitely a good idea, as that way you won’t accidentally give dad’s new tool set to grandma. You could also add some ribbon and a bow for that wonderful timeless ‘yep, it’s a Christmas present’ look.

Gift wrap alternatives

If you want to make the gift look truly unique, there are a few alternatives to the usual gift wrap. We’ve seen people wrap presents in everything from recycled card to a range of fabrics, or you could even wrap the gift in plain white paper and then decorate it yourself with crayons or felt tips. This is a great idea if you’ve got kids and you’re sending a present from the whole family!

We’re sure you must have a few gift wrapping ideas of your own – so get creative and make sure to share photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

P.S. Don’t forget the Christmas card

If you’re super organised and already wrapping festive gifts, we have a wide range of Christmas cards to go with them. From traditional themes to funny jokes and rude styles, we have everything you need to make this a Christmas to remember.