Housewarming hamper ideas

Housewarming hamper ideas

If you have a loved one who’s recently moved, then treating them to a gift is only the right thing to do. Now, we’ve already touched on some of the best new home gift ideas but if you’re wanting to do something extra thoughtful then you might be thinking about pulling together your very own housewarming hamper.

Finding things to put in your hamper is no mean feat which is why we want to help give you inspiration with some new home hamper ideas. Just keep on reading to discover what to put in a new home hamper and which you think will be the right option for the new homeowner you know. Don’t forget that you can pick and choose items that will fit within your own budget as well.

For someone DIY-crazy

One of the most exciting parts about moving into a new home is having a fresh place to decorate. For the loved one who loves to get stuck in with DIY or has just bought a fixer-upper, here are our new home hamper ideas for them:

  • Toolbox – A sturdy toolbox is a great place to start for anyone who’s planning on doing some DIY and can use it to keep all their tools safe.
  • Tape measure – A tool every homeowner needs, a tape measure ensures that they get measurements just right which is especially important for DIY projects.
  • Spirit level – Whether hanging a picture frame or for some other purpose, a spirit level is a handy thing to have in your home.
  • Screwdriver – Something every toolbox should have, a screwdriver always comes in. Make your gift even better by getting different bit sets so they’ll be able to do even more.
  • Hammer – Much like a screwdriver, a hammer is another quintessential tool for DIYers. For an extra touch, you could get a personalised wooden handle.

For the home chef or baker

We know you can get foodie hampers from all the popular brands which is why our suggestion has a bit of a twist and doesn’t actually include any edible items. Our housewarming hamper ideas for the home chef or baker focus on items for their kitchen:

  • Apron – No matter how good of a cook you are, you’re bound to make a bit of a mess in the kitchen but instead of it getting on nice clothes, get them an apron to use instead.
  • Spice rack – As any true chef will know, seasoning a dish really makes all the difference. Rather than chucking the spices into a drawer, include a spice rack in your hamper so they can proudly display them while keeping them organised as well.
  • Butter dish – A versatile ingredient that plays a major role in both cooking and baking, a butter dish makes for a wonderful housewarming gift.
  • Salt and pepper mill – Anyone who spends more than the average time in the kitchen won’t want your standard boring salt and pepper mill. Not just that but a quirky design can even be used as a statement piece in the kitchen.
  • Hand blender – A kitchen accessory that doesn’t take up too much space, a hand blender can be used to make soups, smoothies, pestos, and so much more.

For someone with a green thumb

Maybe they picked their home thanks to the opportunity they had with the outdoor space? Luckily, we’ve got you covered here too and have a few initial ideas on what to put in a new home hamper for someone with a green thumb:

  • Watering can – Even if they’re just a budding gardener, help keep their plants alive by gifting them a watering can. You could even choose a decorative one so that they can leave it out for show.
  • Bird feeder or dish – Bring the wildlife into their garden and get them a bird feeder or dish so that they can watch the birds whilst doing some gardening.
  • Fork and trowel – The basic tools for any keen gardener, a good quality fork and trowel will go a long way in helping them create the garden of their dreams.
  • Flower seeds – Brighten up their garden by including some flower seeds for them to use in their hamper.
  • Plant pots – Either for the outdoors or even inside, a plant pot is a perfect present for someone with a green thumb. We recommend buying an empty pot so they get to choose a favourite flower that they think they can maintain themselves.

For when they decorate the bathroom

Assist in creating the ultimate bathroom experience by gifting them a hamper full of things for their new home. Here are some of our ideas for bathroom bits they’d love:

  • Fluffy towels – There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel after a bath or shower. So why not treat them to a couple for their new bathroom?
  • Bathroom mat – Avoid getting the tiles wet or any accidents by including a bathroom mat in your hamper.
  • Bath board – If you know they enjoy the full bath time experience then a bath board is ideal. This way they have somewhere to put their phone, tablet, drink, candle or whatever else without the worry of it falling into the water.
  • Waterproof speaker – If you know they’d enjoy a good karaoke session in the bath or shower then a waterproof speaker is just what they need.

For when they want to finish the bedroom

A bedroom should be your sanctuary so why not pull together a hamper filled with things that will be just what they need to finish the room off. These are some of our picks:

  • Blanket or throw – There’s nothing cosier than snuggling up with a blanket or throw which is why it’s the perfect addition to your bedroom hamper.
  • Picture frame – Displaying some personal pictures is a quick and easy way to make a bedroom more personal. So, why not pick up a decorative picture frame to include in your bedroom hamper?
  • Diffuser – Rather than your typical candle, instead find a diffuser to put in your hamper that will leave their bedroom smelling wonderful.
  • Clothes hangers – You can truly never have enough good quality hangers which is why we think it would make a great gift for any new homeowner, but especially one with a lot of clothes to put away.
  • Pyjamas – Make sure they enjoy a good night’s sleep in their new bedroom by adding a comfy pair of pyjamas into your new home hamper.

Now that all of our new home hamper ideas out of the way, you can get ordering the bits you need. Be sure to pick up one of our new home cards to sit nicely on top as well. But wait, there’s more! You can find articles, including even more gift guides, for every special occasion over on the thortful blog.