Gift ideas for groomsmen

Gift ideas for groomsmen to suit all budgets

From helping you get suited and booted and offering words of support or wisdom to being one of your right-hand men, being a groomsman does actually come with its own responsibilities and duties. Other than the tricky task of actually deciding who makes the cut to be a groomsman, it’s almost just as hard settling on what gift to pick them up to say thank you for their role in your wedding. That’s where we come in as we’ve decided to round up a bunch of gift ideas for groomsmen to suit all budgets!

Budget-friendly groomsmen gift ideas

Everyone knows that weddings are an expensive occasion, even if you actively try to stick with budget options. So, if you’re keeping things low-key or don’t have much wedding funds left in the piggy bank, we have some budget-friendly groomsmen gift ideas for you to consider.

And if none of these ideas are standing out to you or you’ve left it until the last second and need something fast, be sure to take a look at our very own selection of gifts for £15 and under.

Bottle opener keyring

For any groomsman you have who is a beer connoisseur, or basically enjoys any drink that requires something to open it, then a budget-friendly gift for him would be a handy dandy bottle opener keyring.

Something he doesn’t have to think about keeping on him (unless he’s also the type to forget his keys too), he’ll be able to crack open a bottle whenever he likes. In fact, giving this as a groomsman gift means he can take on the additional responsibility at the wedding of being the official bottle opener guy.

Portable charger

Make sure your groomsmen’s phones stay fully charged all night long so that they can take countless drunken pictures after the ceremony by gifting them a portable charger.

Wherever they go, a portable charger is something they’ll be thankful to have for those moments when their phone battery suddenly plummets and need it for all-important social media scrolling, speaking with friends and family, or finding their way around using their go-to map app. Trust us when we say this gift might not be something they know they wanted but do, in fact, need.

Bouquet of flowers

Hear us out here, who said you can’t give men flowers – especially as a thank-you gesture?! Break the mould and pick up a gorgeous bouquet that he’ll be able to proudly display. This will make for an especially caring gift if he’s always done the buying of flowers rather than receiving them. Check out our flower gifts to see what catches your eye.

However, if you have a gut feeling that he’d prefer something else then it’s best to trust your instinct, or if you’re not sure then you can subtly slip the topic into conversation to double-check his thoughts on the matter.

Classic groomsmen gift ideas

Maybe you’re looking for groomsmen gift ideas that aren’t necessarily budget-friendly but not overly expensive either? It’s more than understandable that you might want it to still be valuable but are monitoring exactly what you’re spending if you’re getting something for all your groomsmen. To give you some inspiration, here are our picks for some classic groomsmen gift ideas at a mid-range price point.

Premium chocolate gift box

Chocolate is always a classic go-to present regardless of the occasion, and you could always treat your groomsmen to a truly premium chocolate gift box, or even put together your own gift box if you’ve got the time to spare!

Here at thortful, we’ve got our own range of wonderful confectionary gifts that you can pair with a special ‘thank you for being my groomsman’ card to go inside your chocolate gift box for that final touch.

Hip flask

Really get the party started by gifting your groomsmen a hip flask. Now, we don’t condone sneaking alcohol into places it’s not welcome, but we’d hasten to say that once the ceremony and you’re on the dancefloor then a quick sip won’t harm. Plus, it’ll save them a bit on buying drinks from the official bar. Consider levelling it up by pairing your hip flash with one of our alcohol gifts such as a bottle of wine or beer from our selection.

Bottle of cologne

A gift that can feel more luxurious than the price tag attached is a bottle of cologne. Easily filter down any options to fit within your personal budget and then all that’s left to do is to pick your favourite scent.

Best man gift ideas

Now, of course, you’ve got to pick up something extra special for your go-to guy aka the best man! Maybe you’re even willing to splash a bit of cash? We understand that finding the perfect best man gift is no mean feat, and you might be feeling a little bit of pressure (and should be only focusing on the actual wedding day itself!).

So, the team at thortful decided to scour the web on your behalf and have selected a few of our favourite picks for best man gift ideas. Alternatively, these could also work for groomsmen too, as long as you’re up for forking out a bit more.

Either way, think of this as our little wedding gift, or ‘gesture’, to you for your upcoming wedding.

Personalised leather wallet

If he’s going to be your groomsmen, he’s obviously got to look the part and a classy leather wallet is one step towards just that. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a gift that’s been personalised?! A premium present that, whenever he’s going out, he’ll be able to keep all his cards (and a bit of cash) safe and secure whilst impressing those around him with his stylish taste.

Smart watch

Whilst the days of an expensive Rolex aren’t quite gone, most people would prefer a smart watch that they can link up to their devices for convenience. From controlling music and tracking steps to receiving notifications and making calls, there’s not much a modern smart watch can’t do.

So, if he’s really been your rock throughout life (and especially the wedding planning process), you might think he deserves it. A truly extravagant best man gift idea, we’re certain that he’ll be more than appreciative.

Premium grooming kit

Has he had facial hair for as long as you’ve been mates? Well, keep him looking fresh by picking up a premium grooming kit. Don’t scrimp and grab him one complete with everything he’ll need so that his beloved facial hair is at its best at all times. This is especially important since he’ll probably be the person who’s right by your side during the wedding day, apart from your beautiful bride (obviously).

We can’t forget about the ladies, so if your bride is also looking to treat her closest gal pals then she should definitely read our blog on bridesmaid gift ideas. Whatever special occasion you’ve got coming up, or if you just fancy reading more fun articles like this, we’ve got loads of inspiration over on the thortful blog.