Find the perfect gift for a dog mum

Gifts for dog mums on Mother’s Day

Life as a dedicated dog mum can be pretty exhausting. So, this Mother’s Day, it’s time to celebrate all the effort they put into ensuring their four-legged friends lead the best life possible with some delightful gifts for dog mums!

Being a dog mum is about more than just making sure your pooch receives their daily dose of cuddles – you’ve got to be one hell of a multitasker to your fur baby. Bathing them, getting them the best food, picking up their… leavings, and taking them out on walks in any weather (even if you’d rather be on the sofa watching Netflix).

Our dogs are unequivocally part of the family, so this Mother’s Day, make sure you appreciate the dog mum in your life and the parenting she does for her precious pooch. Choose one of our brilliant Mother’s Day from the dog cards and then pick out one of our suggested themed dog mum presents to really make her day.

Card ideas for a dog mum

Before we get down to the exciting business of picking out gifts for the dog parents in your life, let’s get the other important item out the way: your Mother’s Day card from the dog.

Make your favourite dog mum squeal with delight by picking from our funny, cheeky, and downright cute Mother’s Day cards sent by their dog. They’re the perfect accompaniment for any dog mum gift and will make your presents that much more memorable.

The best part is, all of our cards are made by independent designers, meaning you’ll not only be able to find the perfect card to suit their humour, but you’ll also get something wholly original that they can treasure.

Personalised Mother’s Day gifts from the dog

When it comes to gifts for dog parents, nothing shows a dog’s love for their mum more than a personalised dog mum gift.

From mugs and travel flasks decorated with their favourite dog breeds to wine glasses with fun dog mum themed décor, Friday night doggy drinks are just the start. If there’s a type of object they love, you’re bound to be able to get it personalised by their dog.

But if you want to really push the boat out and get a Mother’s Day present from the dog that will blow them away, then look no further than a personalised portrait or sketch of their beloved pooch; ideal for being framed above the fireplace to enjoy gazing at on those cold winter nights… before you take them out for walkies in the freezing cold. Oh well.

And why make it a picture of just their dog? For the ultimate Mother’s Day gift from the dog, make it a painting of your dog mum and their fur-baby enjoying a walk or cuddling by the fire. Either way, it should be a meaningful image.

Other adorable gifts from the dog include imprint pendants of their dog’s paw or nose, as well as fluffy cushions and blankets with their faces on. There are so many gifts for dog mums out there that can be personalised, so you’ll be spoilt for choice while browsing.

Clothing gifts from the dog

Another great option for a Mother’s Day gift from the dog is some doggy inspired clothing – and we’re not just talking about potential matching dog onesies.

From dog mum baseball caps and hoodies to dog mum socks, whatever their favourite clothing item, you’ll be able to find a selection of thortful gifts to make the perfect dog mum presents for Mother’s Day.

It also doesn’t just have to be images of their favourite poodle or Labrador. Lots of dog mum clothing comes with funny phrasing and outright truths of what it’s like to be a pooch’s parent, letting them express everything they love about their dog through their clothing.

Practical gifts for dog mums

If you’re a dog mum, you know just how handy it is to have all those little bits and bobs that go into caring for your dog stocked up in your cupboards. So, if you want to make your dog mum’s life a bit easier, a good Mother’s Day present from the dog is something practical for everyday use.

Personalised doggy dropping bags or a nifty treat holder can make any morning walk a breeze, and a perfectly fitted dog raincoat can help avoid them decorating the wall when they get back.

You can also help them accessorise with Mother’s Day gifts from the dog, such as a funny dog tag or a named collar that matches their dog’s personality.

For enhanced cute factor, you could even get your fave dog mum and her baby matching outfits for when they’re out and about. And for a parping pooch, you can’t go wrong with a scented candle to clear the air.

These are some of the great ideas you can go for when looking for gifts for dog parents. If you can’t decide on what to get them, why not combine several items into a dog mum’s Mother’s Day gift box?


Whether you go all out on gifts for your favourite dog mum this year, or pick them something small and personal that you know will mean a lot to them, you can find plenty of gift options here at thortful. From flowers and chocolate to all manner of drinks, we’ve got plenty of gifts that will make the perfect addition to your dog mum’s present.

And you don’t just have to celebrate a devoted dog mum on Mother’s Day! We have both from the dog birthday cards and dog mum Christmas cards, meaning you can help them celebrate no matter the occasion.