Top 10 gender reveal fails

10 gender reveal fails that will make you cringe so bad

Whether you think they’re a sweet way for a family to celebrate an upcoming birth, or just a flimsy excuse for a second baby shower, gender reveal parties are here to stay. Expectant parents gather their friends and family, and publicly reveal their baby’s gender. Popular options for the ‘big reveal’ include a cake with hidden blue or pink frosting, boxes filled with coloured balloons (or balloons filled with confetti), or coloured smoke and fireworks to reveal whether you’re having a bouncing boy or a gorgeous girl to your friends and loved ones.

Even the (unintentional) creator of the gender reveal party now regrets it – and considering that we’re now living in a world where gender reveals have caused not one, but two incredibly destructive wildfires, we think it’s fair play to poke a little fun at them. So, without further ado, for your listicle reading pleasure, here are 10 gender reveal fails that will make you laugh, or quite possibly just cringe…

Cake fail

This fed-up dad is holding a delicious-looking strawberry and chocolate cake… the only issue is that this was meant to be a gender reveal cake, with strawberry for a girl and chocolate for a boy… so either it’s twins, or he’s getting his money back. 

Sorry to burst your balloon

The demise of gender reveal balloon Number 1… The second popped at Party City and the third had 3 scraps of confetti left in it 🎈🗡

Posted by Chanelle Mendoza on Monday, April 2, 2018

Sometimes, with all the best will in the world, things just don’t go to plan. Before the party has even started, in this awkward video it’s the new baby’s older brother that spoils the reveal – it looks like someone got a little bit too excited at the sight of a balloon!

An explosive reveal

At first glimpse, this Australian gender reveal looks impressive, with plumes of dramatic blue smoke – but things quickly go awry, as the ‘burnout’ effect of the car spinning its wheels becomes a literal burnout. Luckily no-one was hurt, but it’s not exactly a good omen for the birth of this little boy!

Pepperoni problems

If you’re planning an epic gender reveal that people will remember for years, maybe don’t leave the most vital part down to your local pizza place. This gender reveal fail was meant to be a sweet (savoury) delivery to the baby’s soon-to-be grandparents, spelling out ‘it’s a boy’ in pepperonis – if you can read ‘boy’ in that third pizza, we’ll be impressed.

A swing and a miss

This gender reveal fail features two excited parents, pinata sticks, and what appears to be an indestructible balloon. As the two vainly struggle to burst the balloon, it swings back and forth until the inevitable happens. The helium-filled balloon slips free of its moorings to float into the sky, having not revealed the colour of the confetti inside – it was a girl, if you’re wondering. This balloon is clearly what the mum from the second video needed.

Baby boy baseball blues

This hilarious video shows a family gathered round to combine a gender reveal with the classic American pastime of baseball. The expectant dad steps up, bat in hand, to hit a baseball filled with powder to reveal the baby’s gender, but the reveal doesn’t go quite as expected – he misses the swing, and the explosion of blue powder sails right into a family member’s face. Awkward.

A sweet reveal

When you’re hungry, you just can’t wait. This fireman and his wife are expecting a baby, and his wife planned a sweet gender reveal for him at work with a cupcake, filled with pink icing to reveal to him that they’re having a little girl! The only problem? He ate the whole thing in one bite… oops.

Baby, you’re a firework

This excited couple seem over the moon to be having a baby girl, as pink fireworks burst around them – so far, so wholesome, until the fireworks start firing off into the crowd, and people have to start running and screaming. Not the response you really want to your new baby girl.

It comes crashing down

This family has set up a reveal with a cardboard box, which will swing open to reveal fluttering confetti in blue or pink – but to be honest, it feels like an accident waiting to happen, especially when you factor in an overeager dad yanking on the string…

This might be the last child

These oversized party poppers that reveal blue or pink smoke are super popular for gender reveals, and the flare of coloured smoke does look great! The only issue is – as this poor dad-to-be found out the hard way – the lid of the popper can come flying off with some serious force. We hope they’re happy with a little boy, because judging from the way he’s bent double this may be their only child.

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