Despite the British shores being a thortful card’s birthplace, that doesn’t stop them from getting their little passport, packing their little bag, and hopping off on an overseas adventure.

With Christmas fast approaching, people have been sharing the love far and wide this holiday season, from Canada to Austria and so much more, thortful employees and customers alike use their cards to keep people in their hearts, near and far.

We wanted to see where these cards end up but more importantly how they got there are why. 


My husband and I moved to England leaving all of our family and friends in Canada. We don’t visit in the winter (it’s way too cold) but we want to make sure they know we’re thinking of them around the holidays. Plus my friend Maddison is a massive cat mum and the cat on this card looks kind of like my cat so it is purrfect. – Aleesha


My best friend took a massive leap to go and live in Vienna for a fantastic job opportunity and I miss her everyday. She’s an unidentified exhibitionist and the strongest girl boss I know so the Christmas card was perfect. – Louise


My best friend and I share a passion for two things: Christmas and the Spice Girls, so I knew I needed to get her this card! She lives in LA and I only see her once or twice a year, but we send each other lots of cards because friendship never eeeeends. – Laura


I know my friend Dimitra in Greece has a very busy December with work so I sent her a card to lift her spirits and hype her up ahead of the festive season. – Alfie


I lived in Canada for a short period and made a second family over there so I love sending them a dose of the UK for Birthdays and Holidays. – Ben


My bestfriend Sophie, has been living in France for awhile. While she usually comes back for the holidays but she’s about to have a baby!! I miss her but I’m happy for her and this year had to mail her cards and gifts instead of handing it off. – Charlie