Family Halloween costumes

Family Halloween costume ideas 2022

Show off every member of your family this spooky season with our family Halloween costume ideas. Come October 31, nothing brings the family together quite like an in-sync spooktacular family Halloween costume. And, let’s be honest, Halloween costumes are so much more fun when the whole family can get involved.

With themes ranging from popular movies and TV shows to scary family Halloween costumes that are sure to freak out the neighbours, we’ve made it easy for the whole family to get involved this year. Whether you’re looking to buy last-minute outfits or create your very own DIY family Halloween costumes, we’ve got all the spooky styles to give you all the inspo you need.

So, go forth and take your pick of the best family Halloween costumes below.

1. The Addams Family

If you’re looking for some seriously spooky and kooky family Halloween costumes, there’s simply only one option – The Addams Family! A fiercely loyal tribe (when they’re not trying to kill each other), their classically creepy outfits are perfect for dressing up the whole family. And, with Netflix’s new series Wednesday debuting in November 2022, we expect this group ensemble to be more popular than ever this year.

Mum will make a freakin’ fabulous Morticia Addams, with a signature long black floor-length dress, while dad is of course Gomez Addams, dressed in his classic purple and black striped suit, bow tie and moustache. Wednesday and Pugsley Addams make the perfect outfits for the little ones. She just needs a black dress with white collar and braids, while he can transform with a striped t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

2. Alice in Wonderland

Why not lean into the madness this year and opt for Alice in Wonderland family Halloween costumes? For mum, think the heroine herself with Alice’s trademark blue-and-white dress, or the villainous Queen of Hearts with crown and staff. Dad can choose from the Mad Hatter complete with signature top hat, teakettle, and bold makeup, while the kids can take their pick from the less-than-punctual White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat, and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

3. Toy Story

A super easy DIY family Halloween costume is the iconic Toy Story clan. With so many characters to choose from, even the largest of families can pull this family Halloween costume off. And with the release of Toy Story 3 (2010) and Toy Story 4 (2019), you now have even more characters to choose from, including Barbie & Ken. Mum and dad can rock Woody and Jessie, dressed in cowboy hat and jeans, while the kids can choose from the likes of Buzz Lightyear, Little Bo-Peep, Rex, Mr. Potato Head and so many more.

4. Hocus Pocus

The beloved cult-classic Hocus Pocus is near and dear to the hearts of many Halloween lovers. Luckily, with the right items, the whole family can dress up as the Sanderson sisters and co. for the spookiest night of the year. We first met Winnie, Sarah and Mary when the original movie was released in 1993, but with the long-anticipated Hocus Pocus 2 being released at the end of September 2022, we’re sure this is going to be a popular pick for family Halloween costumes this year.

All you need to recreate the witchy trio’s outfits are jewel-toned capes, crazy wigs and, of course, a tattered spell book. The remaining members of the family can take their pick from Thackery Binx, Billy Butcherson, Max Dennison and, of course, the protagonist, Dani Dennison.

5. Pinocchio

Are you looking for father and son Halloween costumes this year? If so, Geppetto and Pinocchio make an adorable choice. All dad needs is an apron, shirt, buckled shoes and a big white tash, while son needs a yellow hat, black waistcoat, red dungarees, a bow tie and, of course, some puppet strings for dad to hold. If you want to save money and DIY your family Halloween costume, you can probably find all these clothing items already in your wardrobe.

If you have other family members that want to get involved in your family Halloween costume, other easy-to-do characters include Jiminy Cricket, The Fairy, The Fox, Figaro, Candlewick, The Coachman and even Monstro the whale.

6. The Incredibles

It’s been nearly 14 years since Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles flew onto our screens, so what better superhero family to dress up as this Halloween? Gather your own little gang and transform into Mr and Mrs Incredible, Dash, Violet and, if you have a baby, Jack Jack, too. All you need to complete this family Halloween costume idea is a lot of red spandex and some black eye masks.

7. Star Wars

Geek out on Halloween this year with our Star Wars family Halloween costume ideas. With a total of nine hit films (and counting), there’s no escaping the super-popular sci-fi flicks this Halloween, and these costumes are incredibly easy to DIY if needed.

Let dad release his dark side by dressing up like legendary baddie Darth Vader, or take inspiration from hero Luke Skywalker complete with white robe and blue light saber. For mum, simply grab a white dress and style your hair in the iconic buns to transform into the heroine Princess Leia. Kids can take their pick from characters like Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8 and Stormtrooper. And why not get the pooch involved with a Chewbacca costume?

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Look like you’ve just stepped out of Halloween Town this October with our Nightmare Before Christmas family Halloween costume ideas. There’s truly no better time than October 31 to bring this iconic Tim Burton film to life with the whole family.

The boys in the family can make Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, proud with some spooky makeup, his signature pinstripe jacket and bat-shaped bow ties. Meanwhile, the girlies can transform into Jack’s red-headed rag doll love interest, Sally. All you’ll need is a patchwork dress, painted on body stitching, a long red wig and stand-out makeup, making this a super easy DIY family Halloween costume.

9. The Flintstones

Go stone age this year and dress your modern family up as the iconic television family, The Flintstones! Instantly recognisable, this family Halloween costume idea is sure to be a hit at parties or trick or treating. There’s no shortage of Flintstone costumes online, but you can also have a go at DIYing them yourself. All you need is Fred and Wilma for the grown-ups and super-cute Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles for the kiddos. Oh, and don’t forget about Dino for the dog!

10. Twisted Circus

Most of the family Halloween costumes on this list aren’t exactly scream-worthy, but if you’re looking for scary family Halloween costumes to creep out the neighbours, then Twisted Circus might be the one for you. Think creepy killer clowns, evil ringmasters, trapeze gone wrong and crazy jesters. This is sure to be a big hit following on from the release of blockbusters The Greatest Showman and IT: Chapters 1 and 2.

Hopefully now you’re feeling inspired and full of ideas of what you and the rest of the clan can dress up for whilst trick or treating this Halloween! Frighteningly funny or seriously spooktacular, share your love for all things spooky with our spine-chilling range of Halloween cards. And, for more inspiration, be sure to check out the thortful blog.